22 March 2010

Horse Tent Card

I did this card for the Corrosive Challenge #56 Paper Piecing

The tent card style is inspired by Karen and Chris

Chris had this link on her blog for the instructions Just Magnolia

The whole card is done using Old West Cricut Cartridge.
I should have read the instruction on how to make a tent card first... I welded this all together (including the folded piece in the middle!)
The boards on the back are a second cut so I could get the 'grain', same as the fence in the front.
I hadn't realized that when you weld things together you lose all the line on the insides until my boards all lost their grain

1 comment:

  1. This card is so, so, so cool! How do I know? Because I am the lucky recipient of it!! What a surprise I received a couple of days ago when it suddenly appeared in my mailbox! Thank you SO much, Vikki- I am crazy about this card! My DH said he thinks it is his fave of all cards I have ever received. And it even arrived the week of my birthday- how did you know? ;-) So, it's being proudly displayed with my birthday cards on my front hall table for all to admire :-) Thank you, thank you!!


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