26 July 2013

Something must be wrong with me

UPS came with my Holiday Catty preorder. I opened the box,

I ordered the new 1 1/4" Burlap Ribbon (thinking masculine)
Sweater Weather DSP
and the Harvest of Thanks stamp set.

yep 4 hours later it is still sitting right there!

I had something too much more interesting and exciting to play with.

Momma was so not approving of the photo session, she blocked my view every chance she got!

They are Old English Bantams, the little guys are less than 2" tall. that is a 2x4 behind him. (or her, I can't tell yet! LOL)
Daddy went into the house and made lots of noise but no attempts to come out and be a man! LOL
Now i am anxious for my grandson MJ to get her to see them!


  1. yeah its called granny brain. when you get so excited about some common thing just because one of the grandbabies will get to see whatever it is . its normal . i figure you'll be over it in about 20 years

  2. So cute! I'd be doing the same thing!!!


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