09 November 2012

A very Early Merry Christmas to me

I have to share part of this now.. 
I got a HUGE box in the mail with some very happy mail in it!
First the letter that was on top


Hey Vikki

I've been keeping a secret from you for almost a whole year! I now, not nice. Friends don't keep secrets. But as you keep reading, you'll understand and I hope you'll forgive me.. and lots of your other friends, too. I've not been the only one keeping a secret from you. 

You can start bawling now. BUT you have to read this BEFORE you open the box. It's like Christmas. NO PEEKING!

Debbie came up with this superb idea to help out a friend, so when she came to me with the idea I had to jump on board. Why? Well, keep reading...

It seems this friend had to have surgery and wound up with a quack for a surgeon. She's had nothing but trouble since January because of him. She's had nothing but trouble since January because of him. This friend is also our cheerleader for the Christmas Card Club on SCS. Debbie and I agreed how rotten it would be for our friend to cheer us on while having no Christmas cards of her own to mail come December 1st. So we did what anyone would do... we called on our entire Christmas Circle of Friends.

The response was astounding, as you will see in just a moment.

So why is it important for me to be a part of this Christmas Secret...

Because, my dear, that friend is YOU!

Merry Christmas from your Christmas Circle of Friends on SCS CCC12

Then there is 2 packages of envelopes.
Then a very pretty box with a gorgeous blue bow! (remember I can't tie a bow to save my soul!)
Inside this pretty box it is STUFFED full of Christmas cards. 
Lots of little notes of prayers and good wishes too!

Kelly is working on uploading a photo of each card and who it is from on SCS to an album. Thankfully she scanned them all. 
I will share her link as soon as she has it ready!


  1. What a great group of friends!!! Just love what they did for you!!!

  2. We all love you Vikki sorry I did not get cards out to be included in that box... but just smile and feel the love : )


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