15 June 2009

Look what I did!

My roses from Clint

The little Blueberry bush

Lilacs from Carrie

Arrowhead stone from Andy

I Glimmer Misted the Turtle after gluing him back together

09 June 2009

And Diane's roses today..

The yellow one, snapped off in the wind. It hadn't even started to open. But there is a new bud!

07 June 2009

A Cool Technique!

This is the card I did for SCS Challenge this past week

B'day Card Tri Fold Cami Style

I found a really cool Tri Fold Card, but I closed the page I CASE'd it from before I got the link copied! (dork that I am ya know)

It is for Darla (Clint's sister) B'day .. she's into wolves too, its not easy doing a wolf for a girl! LOL

As my world turns

LOL! Its like a soap opera here I tell ya!
I have a new room-mate! He had one week left of school and his mother flipped! She threw him out because he wanted to go n to college rather then join the Military like she wanted.
Anyhow, he graduated an honor student! He was also excepted to LSC in Duluth.

He needed to move into my craft room, but I kick him out early so I can still get inky! LOL
I have yet to convert him into a stamper!

Here's Mindy, James and Crystal

My class for today was canceled again.. darn weather! Back in January it was snow now I compete with rainy days! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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