20 April 2010

20 April 2010 May Garden

I finally am seeing some green out there!

They have not produced a single berry yet though!

Big Arrowhead rock from Andy! It's staying right there whre he dropped it with the bobcat!!

This rose came from Clint in 2007. It wasn't even 6" tall.

Those frogs are Hudson and Goliath, I have had them since 1993, think they need a coat of paint!

Now to find a place for the Strawberry Bed! I bought that pyramid one from Gurney's, it is 6' across BIG CIRCLE!!!

13 April 2010

Gotta CASE this one

Karen (the Queen Dork) sent this card to me some time ago...

I am trying to make a card for everyone to sign for Mother's Day. (Living in every state possible!)
Well I am Cing this one and mailing the pieces to each person to sign!

Once i have it all back to me I will assemble and share a pic of the finished card.

Thank you Karen for the inspiration!

07 April 2010


Look at the pretty card I got from Rosie ... yeah I figured out who she is!

She sent a set of 4 stamps (I didn't even Clean them before I took the pic, too excited!)
and a 2 piece border set, one has birds the other is butterflies

Rosie is so awesome, and she is sooo spoiling me!!Check out her blog.. she has some awesome projects on there!

Stampin Rose

Peaceful Farm Life

This is for a swap I joined.. requirements were...
"This swap is for things that women “Want, Need, Do, Love, etc. " This could be a card about exercise, hormones, shoes, stamps, friendships, shopping, chocolate, housework, hobbies, coffee, etc. You get the idea! It can be funny or serious---your choice! "

Farming is my hobby, my sanctuary and part of my every day life.

I also did this layout for a sketch challenge, but for the life of me I can't remember which one! LOL
Stamps: Farm life
Paper: Misc scraps, World Win Dual Color
Ink: Basic Black and SU water color crayons
Accessories: Cricut Old West

06 April 2010

Uff da!

My friend Laurie is keeping a tally of how many cards she has made so far this year.

I decided I'd count how many I have posted on my blog, and the ones I can remember.

168... that doesn't count the card I make for RAC/SAC, I have no clue how many I have done for that and the cards I have made for my Secret Sister.. I don't post them anywhere just in case she is snooping for them! LOL
That's another 6 for sure. RAC/SAC is about 1 or 2 each day I am home., but I am not about to guess on that one!

No wonder I keep running out of adhesive!

Tortoise on Taken and Tempting

He's not really that orange in real life.

A week late on my challenges, but this is for SC274
Stamps: Nature's Nest
Paper: Taken with Teal, Tempting Turquoise, Basic Black and Very Vanilla
Ink: Tempting Turquoise and Koh-i-nor Pencils
Accessories: Dew Drops and Cuttle Bug Folders

I tried to find the Ojibwa meaning for the Tortoise, but no luck. I found too much conflicting info so I decided to skip that thought for now! It was interesting reading for the night!

05 April 2010

Aiden vs the Ice Cream Cone

We went for Brunch with Joe, Aimee and Aiden today at the Casino.
Aiden had an ice cream cone and he licked every bit of ice cream he could off it and out. When I told him he could 'eat' the cone too, he said "no way!"
Joe even tried to convince him that part was okay to eat.

It was so funny watching him try to get all of the ice cream out of the cone.
It was fun to listen to him decide what he wanted to eat, and his expressions when he didn't like something.
Raye Lynn sent a bunch of toys up for him.... including a sand box. I am s'posed to hurry up and fill it.
Thanks Raye! LOL
He went nuts for the Jack in the box and some toy with shapes, and balls with numbers and colors, and rods you slide them on to get them to the other side. It's a bizarre toy, but he thought that was the best! It's a type of Hand Eye Coordination thing called a Roller Coaster. ODD but colorful!
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