31 July 2010

A gift from my Dork Sister Lois

Lois did such a beautiful job sprucing up a clipboard for us!
I cut up what I had created for the guest book so it would fit
With the Guest Book open

18 July 2010

Wedding Check List

Now as for the wedding questions...
(x) License - Picking it up even on Monday! YAY
(x) Judge
(x) Location - changed and re organized
(x) Cupcakes - figure I will bake them the day before so they are still fresh?????
(-) My attire, not a clue yet! Very unlikely I will wear a dress though
(x) Flowers - I planted 7 daisy plants plus God had a bunch behind my house I am hoping will be blooming the day of!
(-) Shoes - I HAVE to wear shoes? OMG No please don't make me! LOL
(x) Something Old - I have Clint's grandmothers wedding band, does that count?
(x) Something New - My older sister Teresa is beading me a hair piece, it will be blue with a white daisy
(-) Something Borrowed.....
(-) Something Blue.......
(x) Attendants... Clint's Maternal grand Parents are our witnesses
(x) Rings, we are having tatoos done the week before the wedding, I have them all designed out
(x) Tables for gifts, cards and guest book. Hadn't thought about gifts, but the other is covered! LOL
(x) Unity Sand Jars
(-) Food... somewhat, but not completely
(x) Photographer, Clint's sister Laura and my sister Raye I believe will have this job

Now another change.. Clint decide to toss out the Cupcakes and have 3 differnt cakes
1. Pineapple Upside Down
2. Chocolate (or Marble)
3. A Fruity one (Lemon, Strawberry)

Not sure what I did with the pics I took of the baskets. But I have a wicker basket for cards, favors, programs and silverware
Each one is decorated with Gingham ribbon and Daisies
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