31 January 2010

This tickled me

April has kinda laid claim to this chair when I am in my craft room. Well this morning Louie beat her to it.
I was working with my back to them and heard April whine, so I turned to see Louie slapping her.
It's funny because she ruled at her old house over the pit bulls and here, she backs down from a cat.
Louie was curled up sleeping the first time I looked, then he had sprawled out to take up more chair. BRAT!
The look on April's face is kinda like "mom, tell him to share!"

25 January 2010

Meet April

She is a Beagle, She about 4 years old.
Her previous home was not a good one, and she was one day away from death.
The guy was moving and not going to deal with her or 6 of his other dogs.
She is fixed, and friendly. So far she is nice with my geese and the duck, scared of the horse and the cow.

20 January 2010

Samples for Brandy

I need opinions...

Doris (Brandy's grama) likes the Cris Cross Pocket and The Tooth Pick Flap

Clint likes the French Doors and the Tooth Pick Flap

Brandy won't see them until after school or possibly Sunday

I used Elegant Eggplant and Basic Black (the white is a 32# Laser Paper)

card for Tegan

My great niece Tegan Monica's first card from me.

Pattern came from Chris.. Thank you!

I used the Cricut to cut it out with her name in the pinafore (spelling?)

19 January 2010

Card for Rocky

"Welcome Rocky"
is welded to the bottom of the pant legs.
I got this pattern from my DSS CAT871 Chris.. thank you!!!
I had to tweak it a bit to make it large enough for the words.

Thanks for looking, if you wish to comment please leave comments on my SCS gallery for cards. Thanks!

17 January 2010

I am a great Aunt again!

Rocky Coronado Erickson
8 lbs. 5 oz.
It took them awhile to name him, and now I can not remember when he was born. I think it was the 9th. I will have to go find out since I am our family historian! LOL
Good job, huh!?!

Now this makes the Auntie count...
9 Nieces and 7 Nephews (would be 8 Mike died in '93 when he was 24)
6 Great Nieces and 2 Great Nephews

I think... I better go update my brain! LOL

Yeah, it's a butterfly!

Yes, I am terrified of butterflies.. only alive ones! I can handle stamped or cut (paper)

Raye Lynn bought the Tinkerbell and Friends Cricut cartridge so I borrowed it. I wanted to cut out the flourishes around thier names and the words

I think there may be 2 ways to do this butterfly or I didn't put all the layers on it. The tail should have been the same as the the body, but I needed more pink. The lady that this is going to is really into Pink.

If you'd like to comment, please do so on my SCS gallery. Thank you for looking!

12 January 2010

Creeps B'day

Creep is turning 9 this year and he picked out his own colors.

I showed him my Pagoda and Old West Cartridge books thinking he'd pick one thing....

Nope, he wanted dragons and wolves... odd combo for me to grasp! Oh well he is a boy!
I have to wait and ask him tomorrow if he wants any Stickles on the words.
I Cuttle Bugged Dots under the wolf.

11 January 2010

My Coleus

Back in the fall of 2006 Clint and I went to this green house and they had this huge coleus there that I didn't see until after I'd done my shopping. Well the man gave me a tiny slip and told me he doubted it would ever root, as he had had so much difficulty with that one.
Well it rooted!
I gave Mike (Creep) a piece of it in the Spring of 2009. It was maybe an inch tall... now look at it! His is a lot redder than mine though, but it's from the same plant.

I think I may have posted way back when with a pic of his in his tiny wheel barrow he made.

04 January 2010

Tri Fold Panda Card

LOL With the Kanji letters behind his head, it looks like a bow!


Bamboo on the inside, but I haven't thought of anything else for that spot, I didn't wanna cover the bamboo.

I cut this out using Pagoda Cricut Cartridge.
Rose Regal, Certainly Celery, Almost Amethyst, Apricot Appeal, Basic Black and Whisper White
Apricot Ribbon
Dots and Circles CB Folders

03 January 2010

First swap 2010

Regal Rose, Almost Amethyst, Apricot Appeal and Whisper White Card Stock
the ink, Gemstones and stamps are from Archiver's
I colored them with Koh-i-nor Pencils
Hearts and Dots Cuttle Bug Folders
Scalloped Circles Nesties
Well now it's January, the coldest month of the year here in Minnesota.
It's only -18 this morning.

My water froze last week, the outlet the heat tape was plugged into burned out so the tape wasn't doing it's job.
Replaced the outlet, to find one of the 20' sections of heat tape no longer worked.
Replaced the heat tape, to find the section of water line was shot!

Got that replaced, heat tape up and running... YAY! I had water.. long enough to do a load of laundry and run the dish washer... and even get in a shower!

Woke this morning to frozen water all over again!

I am thinking a move to a warmer state is in order.. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!

Everything else is well, Clint and I are healthy, the dogs are still best friends with the cat, Louie has it all figured out.. he rules over the dogs. In fact Montana is terrified of him! The night time potty break has become a 'joy' where Louie is concerned. I let them out and Montana the freeze puppy is back within seconds. Joker and Louie thinks it's play time, but Joker comes in a half hour later.... no Louie. At 10 Clint checks to see if he's ready yet.. nope.
He got left out all night 2 nights in a row. Now he comes back in with Montana! In fact he will rush the door knocking Montana over to make sure he gets in! I think Joker needs to do a whole property check before he will come in. He won't ever get left out.. that brat can open the door himself from out side.

The geese and duck had issues with the snow, but after Jay plowed us out they claimed a part of the driveway. Much more snow and Carmel and Salisbury can walk right over the fence. Actually I think Salisbury could now, but he's buddies with Carmel and won't leave him.

Molly and Havana are okay, they come out long enough to eat and go right back in their hutches. Molly doesn't like straw in there, but this year she is leaving it (so far), Havana has a cave in her place. This is her 6th winter, I worry everytime I go out that she won't be okay anymore. I've never had a bunny live this long.

Next Summer I am going to redo how this house is skirted. Since it looks like I'd been drinking when I put this stuff up anyhow, it needs straightening and a bit of modifying!

01 January 2010

Getting a jump start! #2

I used a One Sheet Wonder with a 2 sided sheet of dp.

Christmas Card Challenge 2010 February set with lined envies to match! I made a color copy of the dp .. it's certainly no where near as nice, thinner and not even shiny.. but it's a nice touch!

My firsts for 2010

My first card using my newest Cricut Cartridge "Pagoda" (thanks mom and Raye!)
and my first text and phone call were form Andy!
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