27 October 2011


You have got to see the candy Bar Wrappers she made for Halloween! OMG adorable!!

Pop on over to her blog and check out the details! Scrap With Stacy

24 October 2011

Dresser Card

I wanted  ababy card for Carrie to use as her announcements so I searched SCS galleris. I come across the cutest little dresser card.
Got a tad bit side tracked on the baby card idea.. which turned out okay! She found premade cards and is sending them to me to assemble! Darn child!
I used aluminum foil for the mirror, turned out kinda cool!

Not sure why that drawer looks funny at the top. It looks fine sitting here. Some optical illusion in the  photo!

09 October 2011

My New Area.

I took over the living room.. 
WOW! Can I spread out now!!
Standing by the front door looking int my room

Still standing by the front door looking to the left.. see my punches? They were the first things
I hung up!

The old Entertainment Center and 1 of the bookcases help make a wall between my room and the Dining room

Looking at the front door. See my very messy table int he center? Uff da! Well they do say a cluttered desk is the sign of a creative mind... ha ha
I took the blinds all down, boy did that brighten this room!
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