21 June 2011

Happy B'day Auntie Helen!

Clearly iStamp had a challenge posted on Firday.
Here's their blog

My Aunt's 90th b'day is in July. I didn't realize her age until just now! WOW!

Stamps: Clear Dollar Digital Hydrangea
Paper: Bazzill Juneberry, Frosted Pink and (oops I lost the tag)
Ink: Precolored Digital Image
Accessories: Nestie Scallop Circle & Embossing Folder

20 June 2011

HoneyPOP B'day

  OMG this stuff is so cool! My mom and sister wanted me to help them with a product so off to Archiver's we went.
I was standing there waiting for the lady to finish what she was doing and I was kinda being nosy. I had to ask.. "what is that stuff?"

it's a product from Inky Antics called HoneyPOP
Oh, it's so cool! Well Raye Lynn bought a stamp set and 3 colors of Honey POP, I had to borrow it! :)

Stamps: Inky Antics Cupcake Birdy HoneyPOP
Paper: Whisper White, Doodle Bug Cake & Ice Cream, and Bazzill Limeade
Ink: SU Markers and Pastels
Accessories: HoneyPOP and Nestie Scallop Ovals      
 Go check out thier blog at
Inky Antics

12 June 2011

The Robin Family

Look close.. momma is bringing breakfast.
I can get so close without disturbing them. It's awesome, I know they'll be gone soon. 
They really should consider an addition to this home!

Happy Graduation Brittany

I got told this morning at about 10 am that we needed a card today for a cousin. The party is at noon!
OMG! Seriously!? LOL

I totally CASED this one!

My friend Holly sent me a purse with a Top Note as the flap

The purse was a shorty so I tweaked that part to fit the poem I printed out.

There are magnets for the closure. One is hidden under the flower, the other is very visible once you open the purse.

 Paper: Blue Bazill Bling and Whisper White  
 Accessories: Top Note, Rhinestone Brad SU Gold Thread and a Paper Flower

09 June 2011


 Happy Birthday Cameron! I found out after I had this one ready to go, he prefers kitties!

 This is my first card for Deb's Challenge.I made it with Clint in mind, but never gave it to him. I used Smooch and Spica for the truck. I'll have more details in my SCS Gallery.

This card was made for Clint by Laurie. Her and Tom sent him a bag of each flavor M&M's. She spoils him!!
Love the card!

The Critters

 Our little Pygmy Angora Goat Zeus is house broken and I let him come in to visit.
 I was brushing him and he just fell over!
 Wilber was trying to rst and I kept poking him to make him look at me.. and WOW what a look I got!!
 He finally got off the couch to have peace!
 Tommy thinks baskets and bags belong to him, even if he doesn't fit
 He had his head over the other leg of the rocker till he heard my camera. He does not look comfortable!
 Joker seemed attracked to Clints shoes.

Very weird dog!!
Then he took a nap in Clint's lap.

08 June 2011

Mom and her Barbies!

 Bra and Panties for Barbie! I just love it!!

This last one is my fave... wouldn't that be beautiful in red or black!?!

05 June 2011

Here comes the bride

My mom likes to sew Barbie clothes, right now she is on a Wedding Gown kick.
This is not may fave, but she won't let me take anymore pics till she's done.
The last one she made I asked her to make me one, but in red or black. It's so pretty!
I told her she should sell them. She has a huge rubber maid tote under her bed full of Barbie clothes (Ken too)
It's hard doing clothes for Ken though, the new Ken dolls are more 'buff' then the older patterns.

The Robin's

There are 4 little ones in the nest, all naked! Probably a good thing in this heat!
Not easy to see, but dad was right above my head in the tree. Boy is he loud when he yells at me! LOL

I go peak each day that I am home, I know they will be gone soon.
I'm hoping all 4 survive this year. Last 1 died when a storm knocked over the chelf the nest was on.
They keep building their nests where I store my flower pots. This year they put the nest right inside of my sprinkler!

I have an old (very old) swing set with no swings that I hang hoses and pots, ther eis a ladder ties across it theat I keep shoels and rakes on.

The guys were gonna build me a shed, but there are other things needed more.

Clint's dad has been cutting Poplar and Ash trees  to make more room for the Oaks and Maples. Birch are very scarce around here so I protect them! LOL We do live on Birch Bark Road! Anyhow.. a bit off track there! LOL
I had tied some trees that could be cut, and the Robins fly at Clint and Dave when they walk over there, I think those trees will stay for a bit longer. At least Papa Robin has chosen an oak
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