26 June 2018

2018 Projects so far

I made this card using Daisy Delight for my mothers birthday. I used the Hardwood back ground stamp and cut the panels to create the "fenc' in the center fold.

I CASE'd this off Pinterest, using the Waterfront stamp set. When it came out in the Occasions catalog, i had to have everything on that page...the DSP, and Ribbon!

I made this card again using Daisy Delight, it was for a workshop then I changed my mind.

This card was for my sisters birthday

This stamp is an oldie....Flowers of the Month, I found it at a yard sale for $5, so I decided I have to use it each month this year. Stampin' Up! came out with a new one this year, I really want it.
I made several of this one for Jsnuary.

For February I also used an Embosssing Stencil Clint found at a yard sale, have to dust these toys off on occasion.Trying to also use up retired items, so I an make room for new stuff.


Thank you to my friend Holly for these dies!  I do a set of Christmas cards each month and this is one I did for January. I should have bought more of that DSP before it retired, but oh wait.....Stampin' Up! has a background stamp of a music sheet. great my wish list if growing...LOL
This fold is from Sandy Allnock

CASE'd this layout off Pinterest, was going to do it for a workshop in May but that stamp set was retiring. I really debate (with myself) Should I use retiring sets for workshops at the end of a quarter???
So I don't, I came up with something totally different. Ijust don't know what will look good.

Oh, now this card, I cheated! It is a die I got off Overstock. I love the side step cards, kinda bummed this one cuts the balloons on the steps. Cardstock is all Stampin' Up! 

For my March birthdays I used the Flowers of the Month and You're Inspiring. This card technique is also from Pinterest.

This was for a Challenge, it is using Chocolate. So I used another dusty set. I just had to have it, but then never used it. I made this one for my friend Judy's birthday

Here's a funny one. I make all the anniversary cards I need for hte year at once. I CASE'd this one from Pinterest. I put them in the box, never to be seen again. LOL When It came time to send the first one out I could not find them.so I made a new set...guess what I found? In the box with my Christmas cards.

Birthday card for my oldest sister Patty. Found it on a ladies blog it was different colors and the flower was something else, I was in love with the folded DSP and doily. Her birthday is in April...Daisy!!! I am so in love with this set,

I CASE'd this off Pinterest, but it had flowers inst

I liked this one better, same background, but the dragonflies are better

I just had to have Party Panda....I made this card and then the stamps just sit....... 

I made this set for a friend. Love those dragonflies.

Using Color Theory DSP with Black, loved the look

A cool fold that I am now in love with.....

Easter cards for  MJ and Bailey. Basket Bunch and framelits all retired but I am not parting with them until another set I like comes out.

Cards I made for fathers day....oops another one I made and lost. Center step fold worked great for this old set. Found it at that yard sale for $5.Would be cool to use as a border on hte walls around the windows 


Side step using Ready for Christmas

Tri fold 

For Bailey's 4th birthday Clint called her Cupcake and she correted him :"I'm Princess" so now he calls her Princess Cupcake. 


I seem to have lost the photo of the $2 bills for flags. they were a last minute thought

April's birthday cards using Flowers of the month

Trying to use up some DSP, I made up a bunch of cards...then realized, I glued Happy Birthday upside  down. I sent that one to a Dork Sister for her birthday. LOL

Easter Card for Creep

I was asked to make Wedding cards for a coworkers Daughter. this is the feont. now to just get paid.... :(

Oh here it is, for some reason I can not move it up to where the others are. BUT see the flags? LOL

This card was on a blog in another language, using Bethlaham dies, So I tried my best to CASE it just by looking at it. Turned out all right, but it didn't work out for a aworkshop. The ladies voted I not use use the DAisy any more. 

ANother card I found on that blog in a different language, for some reason her blog will not translate so I wing it on measurements

This is a CASE from a birthday card I received from a SCS friend. She used butterflies, I think flowers will work fine. It is called a Half Easel

Showing Raye how to do a Kick Stand card I used Party Panda just to use that set one more time, and Ready for Christmas 

Here's that half easel for Christmas

My attempt at a U Bridge Fold. 

Raye needed a card for work that more then 100 people could sign, I found this fold for her, she used little flowers in the corners, I decided to do a Four Seasons using Shektering Tree.

I found this fold on a blog, in English YAY ..then Raye found a die that cuts it all out for you... 

The butterflies are an old set from SU, 1997 Beautiful Butterflies. 

A Center Step card again, but the Center is a step down. worked nicely with All Hearts come Home. For snow I mixed 1/2 & 1/2 Shaving Cream and Elmers Glue. (put them in the fridge overnight) then sprinkle glitter on and let dry. Smells great!

Here I tried the U Bridge again

This fold was my first thought For Raye and her need for a 100 signature card. But it didnt' seem like enough space so I didn't share it with her and just made it into a birthday card.

I found an idea on a blog for using up DSP. Cut the 12x12 sheet in to THREE 4" strips then cut them into 5 3/8 " the little strip left ove I put inside the cards ( I think I cut it in half)
Cut the SIX pieces inhalf  (or not qiute half to be different LOL) Then flip one piece over. Make a strip for the center in a cordinating color and embellish. I really love the Daisy! 


This card was for my Father in Laws Birthday using a die from Overstock

Another Center Step with the sides as step downs using At Home

Here I laid it flat for a better view

Another Center Step

Using DSP for the front and a piece on the inside....now to do something with the front

A OSW using up some DSP and Classic Pickups 

Tuck Fold Explosion card using Daisy 

 These are my repalcement Anniversary cards. The dies are from Overstock, they were $2.

CASE'd from a video I found on a Blog. 
I borrowed the set from a friend, but never did  a workshop with it, it turned up on the retiring lst. 

For my Son in Laws birthday
Born to Ride was at a yard sale ...super cheap, I'm so glad that folks around here don't look at eBay! lol

This one I did for Clints birthday

The Impossible card fold......not so impossible but it is not impressive, it will not stand up

Graduation card for one of Clints cousins

My replacement Fathers day cards.... I'll save those others for next year if I can remember them. 
the grass is from Basket Bunch, trees are Perfect Pines and then Bear Hugs.....so sad that one retired.
I did a Center Step

Gramp Lesters birthday card/ The new card stock....Merry Merlot! LOVE IT! with the Hardwood stamped in Merry Merlot. 

Found this on Pinterest and had saved it as Gotta CASE it someday.....
I finally did. Using Peelaboo Peach (I'm gonna miss that color) Touches of Texture stamp set.

This is one for Teresa, using Dream Catcher (from 2002) another yard sale find!

This Dream Catcher die is off Overstock

Oh how I loved this layout, I just cant seem to think of other stamps that it will work with. I;m sure there are many on my shelves I could use.

The next card was not a 2018 card, but I am not going to relocate it now. I made this one for one of my sister Teresas best friends . She was a biker back in the 70's.

Trying to use up some card stock that's retired before more retires and I have to add to the bin. LOL and then this color came back as a regular. Go figure, but these Butterflies in Pool Party worked well on Flirty Flamingo.

This one feels like DeJaVu, I love this fold though. 

Another card using Waterfront. You can do so much with this set. I'm thinking of using this one in my workshop in August. 

 Well thank you for looking. 
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