26 June 2010

Christmas In June

My older sister Teresa wanted to have a family gathering at her place,,,, she called it Christmas in June
It is the first time all 5 of my mom's kids were together since my Grama's funeral in 2002
I got to meet a few Great Nieces and Nephews for the first time.
I will upload a slide show as soon as I get a chance

07 June 2010

I know where all the Robin's are now!

They have all left the nest now, and there were 5 flying around my garden. So the missing little one must have left the day before the others were ready!
I sure will miss them, they had become  part of my routine, when I got home I'd check on the rabbits, then over to the Robins, and my geese.

06 June 2010

Robin Family

The eggs May 25th

Woo who! Robin babies! Man are they UGLY! May 28th

I've lost 2 babies now... the one I know what happened, but I came home last night to another just missing. I looked all over on the ground.
When I peeked in the nest they jumped out! Scared the stuffing right out of me, I thought mom and dad were gonna beat me!.

I quickly picked them up and put them back int he nest. Dad swoops at me all the time, I can feel him move my hair he gets so close.

It's their fault for putting their nest in my garden in one of my flower pots. LOL

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