31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I was actually going to post thinking it was November 1st....

So I skipped Halloween! LOL

See this lack of sleep does effect the brain! oh, speaking of brain. I saw my neck MRI and one of the images is of my brain! I really do have one!

I thought that was cool. Neck is fine though. There is some Arthritis, but that has nothing to do with my shoulder and arm pain.

Doc is ordering a new MRI of that. If it comes back as normal or healing correctly then I will have to learn to live with this pain.It may go away in time. Except for the Deltoid..it is permanent. That is a minor pain just annoying at times.

This other one though, feels like I am being jolted with a Tazor Gun! Oh my! I tell you that's a mind blowing moment!

Well I have updated my header and background, i sure hope it works this month.

I work so hard on them to not be able to use them.

Well everyone have a safe Trick or Treat!!!

Oh, that one turned out nice sized! LOL
one programs measures in Pixels then the other part is in Inches.. I never know!

Belles and Boughs 3 Times

Cherry Cobbler 
4 1/2" x 3 1/4"
3 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Whisper White
5 3/8" x 4 1/8" (2, I put 1 inside because I used a dark base)
4 3/8" x 3 1/8"
3 3/8 x 2 1/8"
Old Olive Ink Pad
Bells & Boughs Stamp Set
Blender Pen

Stack your 3 White pieces and stamp your image(s)

I colored mine before mounting to the Cherry Cobbler
You'll notice I have 2 different card fronts....
One has the sentiment in Old Olive the other Cherry Cobbler.
I also tried to color the needles a bit, but it looks icky! 
I did also use Delightful Daffodil on the centers of the flowers and dabbed on a bit of Dazzling Details/

My last post using this signature....sure was cute though!

28 October 2012

Cherry Romance!

Bordering on Romance Stamp Set pg 120
Cherry Cobbler pg 155 and Old Olive Markers pg 153
Blender Pen pg 178
Acrylic Block pg 7

I did marker to rubber so my flowers would be Cherry and the leaves would be Olive, not all one color on the scrap piece of Whisper White card stock

Using the blender pen and the marker I colored my image, you can go as dark or light as you desire

With the Extra Large Oval Punch pg 184

I punched out the part of the image I wanted to use and applied Pearls Pg to the centers. 2 of the large and 1 small Pearl

Hopefully you can stamp without such close supervision like I had! Spook is so nosy when I take out the markers. He thought he was being sneaky reaching over to steal a cap!

Now over to the Big Shot

Using Framelits Label Collection 3rd size from the center pg 191 and Designer Frames Oval pg 188 on a scrap of Cherry Cobbler....  First cut then Emboss

Now for a secret I learned just yesterday from my hostess!
When using the Adorning Accents Edgelit Dies pg 190 , take a tiny piece of tape and tape the ends down, it keeps it from moving as you do your layers
And I did this using my grid paper so I knew I got it all straight! I am so bad at using this die!!

I put it as close to the bottom edge as I could so I could slide my card stock to the edge so it was straight too

Now with the Adorning Accents Embossing Folders, I used the 2 at the same time through machine, it works faster for me when doing quite a few for everyone! They are on pg 188

Now on to scoring your base, with your fancy edge to the right score at 4 1/4”

Adhere you image to the frame you've made

I used Dimensionals to adhere the frame to the base

And since my card is dark I put a piece of Whisper White insed for a message. It also turns out nice since we’ve cut off  the bottom of the front!

Walla! All pretty!

The ladies yesterday were discussing which other stamps could go on here and colors….. Play around see what you create!

 I totally case’d this card idea from Amy Celona

I also need to thank my sister Raye Lynn for all her help with the cutting.
  This handicapped business is for the birds! LOL 

27 October 2012

Jan's Eclair Cake

My hostess today made this heavenly snack!


1 1 lb box Graham Crackers
2 small instant French Vanilla Pudding
3 1/2 c Milk
1 container Cool Whip (or 1 c Whipping Cream)

Butter bottom 9x13 pan.
Line with Graham Crackers

Mix Pudding with Milk.
Beat for 2 minutes

Blend in Cool Whip pour 1/2 the mixture over Graham Crackers

Then place 2nd layer of Crackers over Pudding.

Pour remaining pudding over mixture

Cover with more crackers.


2 pkgs pre softened Chocolate (unsweetened)
2 tsp Karo Syrup
2 tsp Vanilla
3 tbsp Butter
1 1/2 c Powdered Sugar
3 tbsp Milk

Beat all ingredients until smooth.

Spread over cake refrigerate for 24 hours

This was so good!
Didn't think of til just now, should have taken a picture before I ate it! LOL

17 October 2012

Recipes, Menu's, Traditions, Hints and more

My Recipe Book Pages on SCS

I had started a thread on SCS awhile back to get other ppls 2 cents!
Recipes, Menu's, Traditions, Hints and more

Figured maybe I'd put some on my blog to keep me motivated to work on this more.

So here's my thought for today! LOL

What is your favorite family traditional meal?

Christmas, Thanksgiving or a special Birthday menu????

Post it on your blog.

Leave your blog in a comment so I can see your blog too! :)

16 October 2012

Monster Cookies

Makes 24 Dozen

Bake at 350* F

10-12 Minutes - careful not to burn!!!!

12 Eggs
2# Brown Sugar
4 Cups White Sugar
1# Butter
3# Peanut Butter
1 TBLS Vanilla
1 TBLS Corn Syrup
8 tsp Salt

Stir together with a wooden spoon.

18 Cups Oatmeal
1 Large Pkg M&M's
24 oz Chocolate Chips

Mix together with your hands.

Use Ice Cream Scoop and place onto cookie sheet

****okay now that I've shared the recipe, someone bake some for sharing! LOL****

13 October 2012

Easy No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Dave and I were trying to talk Diane into making cookies (I do not bake!)

She asked if I have all the ingredients to make them and I rattled off what I have..... everything except eggs and chocolate chips

I said I have Oatmeal and Cocoa, do they count for anything LOL

She told me to go make No Bake Cookies... said I would if I knew how

I dug out every cook book I have but not a single no bake cookie to be found.. so I text FIL "Tell mom she has to make us cookies!"

She called me back and said get a pen!

2 cups Sugar
1/2 Cup Milk
1/2 Cup Butter
1/2 Cup Cocoa

Bring to a Rolling Boil
Let boil 1 minute

3 Cups Oatmeal

Drop by spoonful onto wax paper

(I shared with FIL)

Well then I thought they'd be good with Peanut Butter!
Turns out they were s'posed to have p'nut butter but FIL doesn't like it so she dropped it

I made a second batch with 1/4 cup cocoa (I like it better)
and I made a batch with 1/2 Cup Creamy Peanut Butter and still only 1/4 Cup Cocoa


I feel my butt getting bugger though! LOL

Creep's card

I can't stamp yet.. no Pronation Range of Motion with anything in my hand yet!

But I can cut small pieces and I can color as long as I can keep it close to me!

Images and papers are from SCS friend Maggie! 
I see I'll have to call my sister and tell her to pull the back off the scor-tape on the one corner! LOL

Saturday and I am a bit bored

I had a small incident yesterday.. I was moving the kennels and cleaning things up around the yard for Winter.. just things my left arm could do without help.

I didn't realize I got my fingers (right hand) stuck in one of the metal cage doors and was carry it with my left and went to toss it.. I didn't feel a thing...
next thing I know I have blood all over my hand running down my arm.... OOPS

Still do not feel it today, thought for sure it would be killing me!

but I cut, more like filet'd my middle finger, from the knuckle to the tip it was flopped over and I thought it was just something to brush off.. nope it was a layer of finger.

I got it all cleaned up, and laid back in and now I can not use band aids so  I have these wound closure strips holding it in place, then since I have such little feeling in this hand Clint wrapped it all up.

I have a HUGE white Mummified  middle finger! 

So I am staying inside today and doing not much much.. so Ii will sit at my table and see what gets done! LOL

Dave (FIL) had a gazillion songs on his external hard drive and he was going to share them with his SIL and it wouldn't work.. he brought her computer home with him and tried again, nope...I went over and I couldn't get it to work. I brought his HD home with me and it wouldn't open on mine either. OH NO! So I have been re-ripping CD's for the past week. So far I have ripped 300+ CD's

Oh and Clint's external HD won't open on my computer either....not good cuz all my CD's are on there and I do not listen to Country Music so all these I've done for Dave are no good to me :(

We did find out what happened to Dave's though... Diane (MIL) while cleaning their camper set his stuff up on a speaker (there are big magnets in there) POOF info erased!
Clint's is having a different issue.. it's there I can see the files but they will not open.

Clint came in here and said I had to go see something...
I have a 3 dog bed topped with 3 kitties and with 2 kitties on the side (on the dresser)
Joker and Spike were on the bed with their heads on our pillows Cheyenne laid across the whole bed below them and Spook, Wilbur and Mia were up on my pillow, Tommy and Tasha were sleeping on the dresser.

Hopefully Tommy doesn't wake up before Spook or Wilbur...he's not a nice boy to them!

Not too sure, but little Mia may become ours.....Natassa has not been able to find a place in the school district she wants. Tassa was here last night, she got the best pic of Mia (waiting for her to send it to me to share) She said she was going to bring Julia up today to see kitty. 

Tasha kitty is Josh's she has been for a few years, but lately she has claimed me. I do not sleep very well and I think she knows it. she was laying nicely on my pillow during the night and every once in awhile she would put her paw on my face! It was kinda  like she was telling me to go to sleep! LOL

This has been going on now for a week. The night I had taken the Toradol, the next day she seemed to be every where I was. I my bdrm, then in my craft room (which she doesn't come in here unless she wants outside or the water dish isn't full enough)

Normally during the day she hangs out on the couch where Josh sleeps.  Like she is waiting for her boy to come back. He is here more often now, but on his mom's days off she likes him to stay with her. Another person that is having a very hard time find a place in the school district she wants. Her parents have quite the houseful right now, so Josh stays here when he can. 

I am very thankful she is fixed... No More Kitties! Tommy has many children for about a 4 mile radius! Larry, the man who took the goats for me, said Tommy looks very familiar to him! LOL

Spook and Wilbur are too busy chasing chipmunks and falling leaves to care about such things! If Mia is here much longer I may have to talk to Tassa about getting her fixed.

WOW! I think this has become the longest post I have every done without any pics! LOL 
I'll see what I can find....

12 October 2012

YAY and boo who all together!

I have a neighbor.... well kinda, he lives 3 miles away.

He has Alpaca's, Llama's, Goats and then some...well I was able to talk him into taking my outside critter and giving them a better home.

Since I got hurt I can not carry water and I can't do what is needed to care for them over the winter. I just don't see my happy ever returning either..but Larry will give me 2 baby mini goats in the Spring if I am better. If my arm does not improve then this is just a blessing!

Well Tonight he came and got the 2 goats..Sunday he will come get the horse.
He said Zeus seemed like a perfect 4H animal, he's o hand friendly and loves to be brushed so Larry says he knows a girl that will be perfect for him.

Its kinda sad, but I know it is for the best.

now as for my technical issues with that background....it wins!
I am removing it for October. So help me if November looks funny I'm gonna scream! LOL.

Still loving my new signature, I may have to redesign Novembers! LOL

10 October 2012

Grrrr! Part 2

Okay I am throwing my hands up in defeat for the night! LOL Darn Background wins!

Had to get yet another medication for the pain... they gave me Toradol yesterday, I took 1 at 9pm.. I am still feeling it! OMG it was horrible!
I got up at 7 am to let the dogs out and it felt like I was walking on a moving floor....and I'd been out all night drinking! Uff Da!

I laid back down and It was like the bed was moving, I couldn't see right. I finally got up to stay at 9 and had a dish of spaghetti (I know WOW what a breakfast right) No better! Well, pain was tolerable, but I couldn't handle how I was feeling.

Well here it is 5 pm and I finally get a replacement drug... never heard of this one before either so I am waiting for bedtime to take it.....Norco? Hummm

MRI of my neck is now pending work comp approval, should hear tomorrow I hope. Not sure how my neck effects my arm, but I am not a doctor!

Good thing since my QRC called and told me the Cervical MRI is pending.. I thought it was for a bit lower! LOL

Today I got a new wide screen monitor... WOW! My FIL bought a new one that has speakers built in so I got his old one IT"S HUGE! My other one was the size of a sheet of paper, this one is like 2 and half sheets! LOL

Can't wait to skype with MJ tonight on it! :)

hee hee I like my new signature! 


I have been trying s so hard to change my background to a really Halloween look. I created it in MDS just like all the others before, but I have no clue what in the world is going on!


I going to do this post real quick, then go find something cool to read on SCS, come back and try again! LOL

Oddly it lets me put up the pretty one I made for December! LOL
Maybe it's afraid of the spider I put on the new bkgd.

The header loaded and looks fine... Signature is okay, why does it hate the bkgd so much?

07 October 2012

Burrrrr It's only 27 degrees F. this morning!

You know it's cold when the Horse and Goats have a HARD WATER issue! LOL

Not sure if you can tell by the photo, but here's a frosty Oak Leaf! It was so shimmery looking!

06 October 2012

Santa Told Me....

What can I say? I love MDS!

I may never print these, but it sure was fun to put together. I think it turned out great for being a 1 armed day!

I used the Swatchbook Template

Brads (Check out Santas hat on the first page! All around the Wreath LOL) and Rhinestones...64 of them around that star! UFF DA!

All of the decor is Jolly Bingo Bits... the candy can has a J in White behind it

The papers are Holiday Harmony 2
My computer was malfunctioning and I couldn't adjust what part showing on the tags.. worked out though.

My favorite part though is the star as the flame on the candle!

If you want ..... the words are down below so you can copy and paste for your own project!

05 October 2012

Language of Friendship

I forgot to post this card a few weeks ago....

Not the best photo, but I just could not seem to get the sun to work with me. Either it came out so dark you'd think I had used Basic Black instead of Lucky Limeade! LOL

A very sweet friend (stampinspooky aka Sue)  used her Impressions Folder...Petals A Plenty (she sent me enough for club)
On Lucky Limeade
I cut them down to  4 1/4 x 2 1/2
Punches are Bird Builder (we stamped on Whisper White, Bird is Bashful Blue and Branch is Always Artichoke)
Boho Blossom (Whisper White Card Stock, using Rich Razzleberry and Daffodil Delight)
The 2 5/8" Scallop with Chocolate Chip and 1 3/4" Scallop with a piece of Regals DP
The sentiment is stamped with Always Artichoke

Here's 3 more using Language of Friendship

02 October 2012

Santa Clause is coming early this year!

Click picture above to see full flyer!

Here's an awesome special from Stampin' Up! to share with you.....
Get a FREE Festive Paper-Piercing Pack when you purchase 

1. The Ornament Keepsakes Stamp Set and Candlelight Christmas Specialty Designer Series Paper!


2. Ornament Keepsakes Bundle (Stamp Set and Dies) and Candlelight Christmas Specialty Designer Series Paper!

The Paper Piercing Pack FREE

This promotion is good from October 1-31, 2012.

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