26 June 2013

starting to look nice out here

This is out at my mail box
God planted this rose bush.
Everything I have planted around the mailbox never comes back, Andy even bought a  huge Butterfly Bush (as a horrible joke) Thankfully it never bloomed or come back!

This is an odd one! Clint bought me a Red Rose Bush in 2006, this is where I planted it, the Red Roses did not come back the next year but this did. it looks like the roses God has all over out here! So it stays!

Yellow Iris' form my mom

oops, forgot to turn this one over. I had to move all of my Iris' last fall. Smarty me got some Spearmint from my mom's old place, it took over everything! So I dug these guys up, made sure there was nothing in with them, gave them a new home and they look awesome. Oh, and I ended up with 2 hitchhiking Spearmints! grrrr

Blue Bee Balm, just got  this one. It's really short! My Red Bee Balm is over 4' tall, this is not even 12"

This is Echinacea (never had this b4 either)

Not even sure what this is, I bought it from a lady down the road, she divides her plants every year and sells them for $1 so I wanted something different in my yard. Getting anxious to see this one bloom. It didn't do anything last year.

Yesterday my Peony's weren't open now today lookie what I have!!

Last year Josh's grand parents, It is a shrub Spirea (I think) the one on the right.

This came from them too, no clue what is called, it s'posedly gets over 6' with yellow flowers.

The wishing well was made for me by Leon (Judy's husband)  I have about 8 different Coleus in it, Tassa bought them.

This is Tassa's, not sure what it is called, but she said it gets super huge and is a house plant. Humm seems to like being outside though.

This is the Clematis i got from my mom's old house, she also made the wooden poodles, They hold a heart between them that says HI on one side and BYE on the other


Been quite some time since I've been in my room on a Wednesday.
Not a ton going on this time, 

I purchased SU Wildflower Meadow Stamp and TIEF! LOVE IT!!!!
Not sure you can tell by the photo, they ar just to the right of the laptop.
I did it a few different ways, tell ya about those later :)
My Cigar box of markers, kinda ran out of room in the SU Marker Holder.
Somewhat boring this week, not even a kitty in the room today.

Thanks for stopping by, oh and BTW Word Verification is OFF...they say do unto others, well that drives me crazy!!!

24 June 2013


Miss Tasha is always so lady like and careful, doesn't walk on my card stock, or even beg when I have food.


Good Grief!!!! I would put money on this was so deliberate too!

Once it was on the floor she moved to lay in a different spot.

22 June 2013

New Trimmer from SU!

I went over to Jackie's when the order came in. She had ordered the new trimmer 
(on page 176 126889 $19.95)
and I was just dying to check it out.

I had to order my self one now too! There are so many features that I like over my other trimmer. The locking arm is 1, the 6" cutting base , the storage on the bottom for extra blades.
I won't mention any names, but you need to remember to look here before ordering more blades! LOL

of course Louie wanted to know what we were doing that didn't seem to involve him. 

15 June 2013

Tommy must have had a really rough night!

Now this may sound mean, but it was so funny..... He was sleeping, dreaming and talking in his sleep. He'd make a noise, then his mouth would jiggle. His legs would twitch like he was running. I giggled so hard i thought for sure he'd wake up.

I was sitting here typing up a letter, and watching him for over an hour!

Here's where I amused myself...you can somewhat see my cup of water on the left there, well I took the straw out and put a drip of water in his mouth, he sucked it up, then it was like he was looking for more so I did it again. Maybe a dozen times before I gave up, he never woke up.

I touched the hairs on the bottom of his paws, made he jerk, but not wake up! I even tickled his hairs around his lips. I flipped the page of what I was retyping and he about jumped out of his fur! Scared the stuffing out of me!

WOW! the look he gave me!! He just turned around the other way and went back to sleep.

 He needed this hard nap, he came home yesterday and beat up, then a few hours later Wilbur came in, yep they had been fighting again! Dumb cats, they look like train wrecks!

Danielle Steele

A friend of mine has ...

Leap of Faith
Lone Eagle
Answer Prayers
To Love Again
Bitter Sweet

and wants to find them a new home.

Interested? Text me  7636913891 or email vikkijoscorner@gmail.com

14 June 2013

A Bit ahead of myself!

July is my month to share some card making items....I got a bit ahead of myself and got them all done and mailed out in mid June! 

WOW! Is the color off in this photo, the background mat is a light grey! My sister had bought a lot of papers from somewhere and shared with me, not a clue who made it.
Grey, a vanilla and print.
The Stamped image is Stampin' Up! Thoughts and Prayers.
Ink is Tempting Turquoise, Gumball Green and Early Espresso 
The hardware and brads are also SU. Oh how I wish they's bring that back!!!!

For this card I used SU Open Sea stamp set with Early Espresso ink
I colored it with the old SU Metallic Pencils
The DSP is SU, and the Night of Nave CS and the Bakers Twine
The Nestie is Labels #9
The white is something random

Thanks for looking.with all this rain I can't really do anything out in the yard, so making cards sounded good!
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