31 May 2012

WOW! Talk about blog neglect!

I had such great intentions this year for my blog.

Being accepted on the Creative Crew, being a SU demo and my resolution to not forget any b'day cards or anniversaries. I thought I'd have tons of projects to show off!

Well I haven't done any projects. I can't seem to make my arm cooperate with me.

I had the surgery, I did all of the PT exercises, iced as required but just couldn't seal with the pain.

The doctor finally agreed to do another MRI and he found there was more damage now, Well he couldn't fix it so he sent me elsewhere
The second doc didn't feel very positive about his ability to repair the damages either, but he did tell me to stop PT and not to do anything that caused me to have the pain......ummmm using  a pen, eating, getting dressed, sitting in a chair without arms and a pillow under my elbow.

Well I saw a 3rd doctor. and he looked at the 1st MRI and the 2nd, not just reading the written reports. He says he can clearly see the damage in the 1st that was not repaired in surgery and the fact that it is now worse due to PT and trying to go back to work.

Well  his plan is to remove my Bicep Tendon, that should relieve a portion of the pain. As for my deltoid, he isn't sure yet if that can be repaired. and the first surgeon removed a piece of my collar bone so that may always be a pain

So sadly I say.. no projects yet to sow off!

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