30 September 2009

Coffin of candy

My sister, Raye, and my mother are making these.. 40 some to be more precise.

Cute as can be, but I'd never have gotten myself into making that many! They cut them all out one by one and by hand.

Guess I've become spoiled having a Cricut! LOL

29 September 2009

Happy Mail and a kitty!

In 2006 I had to give up my cats because Clint's dog hated him (BW was an instigator in it all) He thought he was tougher than a Rottweiler! Yeah right!!
Midnight just wanted to be wherever I was and he was fearless of both Rots, so my son Joe gave him to a friend, BW went to live with Carrie and Andy in MO.
Clint said when Baby passes away I can get a cat again.
She has been gone a month now.
Tonight I come home to a little black kitten sitting in my yard crying.
I live 3 miles from a tar road on 15 acres in the woods. Kittens don't just wander in. He's so cuddly, doesn't mind the dogs. He came in had some food and a drink and Clint made me put him back outside.
He says if he's still here in the morning you can keep him. :)

If he's here in the morning I will get his pic.

19 September 2009

Wild Card Cartridge

My mom bought this cartridge and borrowed it to me before she had even played with it! Oh man, they are some really neat things on this one!

15 September 2009

Speaking of Sunflowers

Here are my real ones James calls them Peepers!

This is the view at night when you open my front door!

A bit freaky!

This one shows how short I really am next to papa, but how short he is next to them!

I am 5'5" he says I must be part leprechaun!

First card from my DSS Big Sister

Still do not know here name, but she has Tilda! Isn't she adorable.... well even though she can't smell them, she enjoys sunflowers!

14 September 2009

A very cool idea on SCS

A very creatively wise lady came up with a new way to swap.
You post "I'm in!" (or whatever you want to say)
PM the person that posted above you, with your address for snail mail...then they will make a card just for you!
Then the next person to post after you, sends their address to you and you make a card for them!

Receive a card / Send a card (<----- click on the link)

It is a really neat way to increase the happy mail you get! Also a great way to get some new creative ideas!

Joker and Montana

The white one is Montana, not a clue what he is. He's very hyper, afraid; as if he'd been abused, won't play; cuddly like a cat. The lady that gave him up says he's 2 yrs old.
Joker is our Beagle, he just turned 2 yrs old this week.

08 September 2009

Class (new date to be set)

One Sheet Wonder Christmas Cards
Set of 6

At the Pine City Scrap Booking Store
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