20 July 2009

Wierd things in my yard

I have a very strange plant.. it starts out with these black spikes then those turn into little tiny purple flowers.
Then I have these very tall purple things.. possibly lavendar.. God planted it not me.
And then He planted a thistle.. UFF DA its huge!!
I just stay away from that thing
All of my plants are in the slide show
Can anyone identify those weird ones????

05 July 2009

Oh! I am so jealous!!

I went to Pine City to do some shopping and on the way back I noticed a neighbor was having a garage sale. (I can't resist those things)
I saw her garden and that's where I stayed! Oh it is just so pretty! A lot of my plants came from her as babies. Wish mine looked like hers now!

Accident prone me...

On Thursday after work Clint calls and tells me to stop and get something to bathe the dogs... they have been sprayed!

Well I stopped and picked up Skunk Odor Dog Shampoo, so when I got home I gave them both a bath! OMG did they stink!!

Well I was cleaning out my tub and wiping up the floor and I did the splits on the wet linoleum floor. Despite the pain in the legs I did something to my ankle.

Babied it all night then in the morning we went berry pickin', I was fine sitting on my knees.. then I got up! WOW! that hurt! But we got 2 huge buckets full of Strawberries for Jelly!

From there we went over to Colleens... she's s'posed to be packing to move back to McGrath. The wedding is Saturday too. I think I made her step son to be and his buddy scared of me! I put on my drill sergeant hat and got everyone busy! We got one room all packed up!

My ankle hates me though! When I got home and looked t it, its really fat and bruised. So I iced and wrapped it up.

Yesterday I wanted to work on cards, but my table is in front of the window and it faces west.. the sun was just right and killing me! So I talked Clint into rearranging my room. the desk is now on the East wall with no window, so I have choices of which side to sit on! YAY!

Oh, I had company in the view last night... I took a Birch stump and mad eit into a table for a small bird feeder and I have enjoyed a Blue Jay each night at about 7 pm... well I now had a Raccoon destroy the feeder to empty it! Jerk!

Now here it is Sunday and its still giving me grief!

But I am going to meet Peggy Sue today so its just gonna have to get over it!

Look what I found!

He's about 24" long. Well not that I 'know' its a boy, but I can't just say 'it'

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