30 August 2008

It's August and fall is coming

Well the move in July has changed a great many things.
The loan went through for the well and septic to go in on the land Clints dad bought. 15 acres, and we are kinda co-owners. (I'll expalin that later)
The day of the trailer house being moved (July 14th) was the first day of many stressfull days to follow...
the movers were s'posed to be there between 6-7 am... didn't show until after noon, and gave many excuses before hand. Telling us the house wasn't ready when they drove by, ARE YOU NUTS! It couldn't possibly be more ready.
Then they said we had bad tires on it and it was going to cost an additional $100 per tire to replace... NOT!
They had 13 miles to move it, I left right behind them, making 2 stops. When I got into Brook Park there sits my trailer house in the bar/store parking lot. My first thought was the tires, nope, nobody was even near the truck. So "potty break" must be, right?
So I went by and out to the farm (2+ miles out of town) there was at tree down, so I hurried up to the farm and got the chainsaw to clear the road.
Well its an hour later and its still not there, then another hour goes by. Clints dad called and she said "oh, they aren't even to town yet, they've had so many issuses with those tires"
WHAT? Are you kidding me?
He tells her how I'd been right behind them and they are sitting in town at the bar and have been for more than 2 hours.
"oh I'll have to check into that"
she calls back and says "oops, wrong trailer, we are moving 2 today. they are waiting for me to cross the tracks ahead of them" (I find out later, they only have one truck for moving houses)
okay so she comes out and starts telling us how ti will cost another $500 because they have to do something special to cross over the tracks! NOT
I told here how the farm past us just moved in a trailer bigger than ours without any problems.
Well after another hour here it comes! YEA!
Dad tells them it must go 10' to the right of that stump.. what does the driver do head 20' to the left! sinks his truck right down in the mud.
What happened to the mats they were s'posed use?
Oh well! so a neighbor (my ex at that) come down with his truck and gets him out. An hour later! The chain broke once.. thought I'd lose the front window of my house, mud everywhere!
Well, not sure what the date was that I finally got the septic in, but it wasn't all that long ago. BUt it wasn't usable until last weekend!
The well is finally in now too.
Like I said its August, actually in 2 days it will be September!
I finally got the electric hooked up and useable last Sunday. No more extention cords running 200' from the main pole to my house!
I still do not have running water in the house, I have to go outside and use the pump!
I have to carry water and heat it for baths! I WANT MY SHOWER!
Grandma would be so proud! LOL
Well there's my past 2 months of stress and an insane home life.
Oh, I work 70 miles from home, so during the week I stay at my mothers house with her, my younger sister and her son. Not a very healthy enviroment!
They are constantly negative about it all, so I can't even just talk about home life.
Their opinion is just move.
I have to keep the brighter side in focus.. things will get done.
But being here for the week, keeps me from getting any little stuff done at home and being able to spend any time with Clint.
And I had to flip a coin, to choose between T.V. service and internet. Well T.V. won, propably the better choice. If I had internet at home, I'd never get anything else done. LOL
I haven't even had one single day to spend in Pine City at the Scrapbooking Store. OMG
I even missed out on the Garage Sale Marni had! The day I went there to spend some time, I walked in the door, and Clint called to tell me his dad had to taek Andy to the hospital.
Well my cell sucks and indoors its even worse, I went out side to call him back, and it died!
So I had to go home...quickly!
Turned out he had a wood tick under his skin.. and I was just gettting over lymes disease, so it freaked the guys out!
But he didn't get it!
Need to go!

Glad you came, now sign in so I know you were here!

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