06 March 2015

So very many ways to say it!!!

these are just from the IB&C.

Page 8 occasions and you 
page 90 my goodies 
page 11 Chalk Talk 
page 12 yippy Skippy 
page 13 fabulous four 
page 18 teeny tiny wishes 
page 19 for you 
page 35 hypnotze 
page 48 amazing birthday 
page 49 for your birthday 
page 55 so very happy 
page 56 blooming with happiness 
page 64 bouquet toss 
page 67 sassy salutations 
page 68 big news 
page 71 cheers to you and 
page 74 celebrate birthday
page 79 itty bitty banners 
page 103 says it all and pay you 
page 104 something to say 
page 105 embellished events 
page 106 well-worded and from my heart
 page 107 gift of kindness 
page 109 just saying 
page 111 banter banter 
page 117 starburst thing 
page 119 an open heart 
page 120 really good greetings 
page 126 regarding dahlias 
page 128 # hello and kind of talk 
page 134 petite pairs 
page 140 a fitting occasion 
page 146 water and seaside sampler and a happy something
page 147 around the way go  
148 another thank you 
page 150 lots of thank you page 
151 million and 1
page 152 Tea Party and truly grateful 
page 153 for your country 
page 165 work of art 
page 168 today and every day and for the something 
page 172 wetlands 
 the hostess sets I like you and let your hair down

if I missed any I am sorry, I can't get over how many sets have a THANK YOU in them. 

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