24 June 2012

Well 3 weeks since surgery #2
and boy am i cranky!
you never realize what u really need 2 hands for until u only have1

i went for a walk yesterday, these meds they have me on make me very ill and dizzy so i can't go far or alone

doc changed them on thursday, but either these are no different or the other is still holding on strong. i made it to the mailbox before loosing my lunch

no use of my arm yet, i can move my hand a bit, but if i turn it palm up... OMG!

I am hoping to hear from physical therapy this week. too bad i have go almost 2 hours from home to do it.

i am to do pendulum movements with my arm dally to keep it from locking up. after i do 10 circles .. up comes the belly.

i feel almost like i have been riding up and down on a roller coaster.

not sure whats going on with my left had (probably tired and rebelling) it keeps going to sleep.

i walked out to my garden the flowers are so pretty.. i sit on the ground and try to weed, but certain movements by my left arm kill the right.

i tried to take some pics, but my camera says ERROR

something is wrong with my traps too, doc thinks it might be a trigger point spasming, its like someone in stiledo heels standing on my shoulder blade

22 June 2012

2 weeks after surgery #2

 they look a bit like bullet holes
 one in back... oh i so hope these holes will bring me some relief
ugggh what in the world kind of tattoo is gonna hide all this
 then where the tendon was removed. guess i got an implant in there now

clint bought me 2 new su stamp sets.. a horse and a tractor set brand new for 2012- 2013
he thought it would help cheer me up...he forgot i can't hold a stamp
LOL he says he;ll stamp for me!
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