05 July 2012

new flowers

 the local green house has their annual $1.00 a box for annuals going on
 I should have stayed home!
 Clint's dad come over and asked if I'd go help pick up some boxes for his sister in law
 I ended up with over 50 plants for me
 Clint's mom has triple what I ended up with
 I even got 14 tomato plants, 3 peppers and a bunch of onions..... I'm thinking SALSA
 A week or so ago Clint picked me up a pink Hollyhock since mine weren't blooming yet
 these lilies haven't bloomed in 5 years... 'bout darned time!
 not sure what this one is it might be Malva
 Scarlet Monarda.. I get so many Hummingbirds to this one
 Not too sure, but this may be a weed. I can't get into this flower bed till my arm heals

 Clematis of my moms, Josh got me some iris' for Mother's Day and I put some Wave Petunia's in there too
 such a pretty blue
 a little bush Josh's grampa gave me 3 of.. they keep mowing it over though
Dave and I got a load of dirt today and Clint and Josh put my gardens together

He's so hot

the heat index is 108 degrees F.... ...
I think YUCK!
Poor Tommy agrees!

kinda funny, when I first walked in my room and saw him i panicked. I thought he died. I touched his belly and he moaned. Kinda like saying leave me alone
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