31 May 2009

Third Dork Challenge

Tutorial for technique

I did this card for this weeks Dork challenge (mine) A man card using the Stained Glass Technique.

30 May 2009

25 May 2009

The Circle of Life

Here's what I came up with for the Circle of Life challenge on SCS
I used the Cricut for the whole thing!
Walk in my Garden.. I did Stickles on the little circles, but it looked funny so I rubbed it off. Now the whole card is sparkly!!

24 May 2009

A really pretty card (not mine)

I found a really pretty card on someones blog today.. ya gotta go see it!


I did the Wednesday's Card Sketch Challenge
& Thursday's Ways to Use It Challenge

20 May 2009

WOW! What a day!

I had a great turn out for my class today!
A wonderful (fun & talented) group of ladies came down (about a 3 hour drive) to Pin City to stay in the retreat and do some cards with me!

They had brought with them a project from one of their group meetings ( A shoebox card making stuff) They had some really neat things in there!
I have to try hard to remember them so I can recreate them!

Bonnie had purchased this kit at a convention she was at.. Chip Board with shaped holes in it to use with Cuttle Bug Folders.. they leave a un-embossed area! Man were they cool! I really gotta figure those out! I think Marni might get into those! (hint hint Marni!)

Sue seemed to enjoy teaching Crystal a few more things with the Cuttle Bug! Just so she doesn't want me to buy one of those next! LOL

Now for my trip home.... the drama begins here!

I took Crystal home and I was about 1 mile from my house and the control bar that holds the tranny up... broke off the car! So my tranny is dragging and the motor is tilted! GREAT!
I can't shift into nuetral or even park, on a hill no less!

Well the car is now at Jays hopefully being welded. Not sure how I feel about that, the gas tank is held in with a ratchet strap. Gee I have a zippy tie holding my blinkers in on the front, duct tape where the back wing window was.

Anything else???????

Oh! I did buy something today that I can play with later that might give me pleasure... Black Stickles! Odd color for stickles I had to get it! LOL

19 May 2009

Dad & Mom's 37th Anniversary!

I am so hooked on the Tri Shutter card!

Clints parents anniversary is in June... but sometime today I had flipped my 'events' calendar to June and forgot to flip it back!

Okay now keep in mind I am a dork!

Crystal came over and we are sitting here and she says.. "Wow thats alot of Anniversaries you have in one month"

I just glanced up and saw "17th Dad & Mom"

I freaked.. I am late!

Well now.. it's early! LOL

I used Flower soft on the little pot, Stickles and Spica pens and the presents, embossing on the envelopes. The poem is on Vellum.

The idea is today's Technique Challenge http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=437795

The tutorial is found here.... http://craftiblog.wordpress.com/2009/04/23/2009-04-23-quad-fold-card-sample-tutorial/

17 May 2009

The last of my VSN projects

Lucky #7

7 layers, 7th layer is 7", 7 sparkling flowers, 7 safety pins, 7 letter word
Keeping Score

Well its more of Keeping B'days..
I made it for Clints mom

Glitz, Gleam & Glamour


Bright City Lights


Tying the Knot
Nothing I can say about this one..... the inspiration was a Blue Wedding Cake, with only one obligation.. tie a knot onit!
It is 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" with a 4" sq folded card in the back as a 'leg'
If I only had someone to give this one to! :(

Saturday Projects for VSN

This recipe is for an amazing chocolate cake! I'll share the recipe if you'd like!

I will Share this recipe with anyone that would like it!

I framed my dd!

Green with envy!

Wild Slots!

Matchbook Suitcase

Here is is a beautiful Sunday!

I did have a class scheduled.. but when I called last night no-one had signed up.
So, rather than drive 15 miles one way just to have 'me' time in the scrapbooking store (not a good place to be with no money) LOL
I am staying home.
I joined in on the VSN fun on Friday night.. first one ever for me!
I got 3 of the 4 projects done Firday night before I HAD to go to bed!
Right away Saturday morning I did the 4th.
Thankfully Dork Sisiter LAurie informed me of the time zone stuff, I didn't miss the first challenge posted for Saturday.. but couldn't start it as planned.
Clint wanted to go to town (Mora 15 miles West) we did a bit of grocery shopping, picked up his meds and then heard of a good buy at WalMart (22 miles SE of Mora but 14 miles South of home)
Okay so we run over there too! Ground Beef is $1 less there, so we bought a lot.
Pringles makes a "crisp" chip! Jalapeno! YUMMMY!
Got back home, but it all away .. I seasoned up a batch of meatballs, then some meatloaf, patties, and froze it all up. ALl Clint has to do is take it out the day I come home... so simple. Why hadn't I had this thought before! LOL

I got to log onto SCS around 6pm (6 hours late) I actually got 7 more projects doen before interrupted again! Oh well should go to bed anyhow it was 11 pm!

I had a visitor in The View.. a bird, he was about 8" tall gray body and black head. I have a bird feeder on a stump and he was just filling his face. It was nice to see.

I went out to feed everyone, Carmel was being odd, he does not like to be touched, but I keep trying. Well today he actually let me rub him long enough to get off alot of his winter coat. Then the booger tried to bite the top of my head! Baby Dogg came running to my rescue and snipped at him, so Carmel bit her too! Kinda funny! Guess ya had to be there.

After I got he lawn mower going for Clints dad, I cleaned up and worked on the Keeping Score Book, but I made it into a b'day book for Clints mom.
Kinda cute.

Well I need to try to get SCS to come up.. it just doesn't like me today! LOL I can't remember the last 2 challenges

10 May 2009

I have tulips!

I received these tulips last September in a little brown bag with a poem attached..

From sunbaked bulbs these tulips grew,
Heads tossed by a passing breeze,
Fine ladies dancing tall and true,
Doing whatever they please!

09 May 2009

It's time for Challenge#2.

Leona posted a picture of lips to inspire us!
Oddly that same day I had a discussion of "lips" with my bf...
I had been given tulip bulbs last fall and I'd never had Tulips before so I am excited that they are growing.
Well I mentioned to Clint how cute they were and how I'd never had any before.. he says "You big fibber! Yes you have!.. you have my two lips every day!"
OMG What a snot!!
Well Leona's picture of Lips cracked me up!
But to be even funnier.. I showed him Leona's pic and asked him what was the first thing that came to mind... he says "Donuts with sprnkles!"

Leona~ "As the Dorks already know - I have added yet another thing to my busy schedule - I have become an Avon consultant. So, while I was working on my advertisment type of thing I needed to find an image that would be a fun clickable icon to my Avon website. Well the image I found ended up being pretty interesting and fun!!

So, Challenge #2: I call this the Inspriation by Image Challenge - Use the image below - let it inspire you to make a fun card - what does it inspire you to create? Maybe the image triggers your idea, or the shapes, layout or colors - use whatever you want from the image and create your card!"

The Dorks first Challenge

I totally CASE'd this idea from SCS!
Using Walk In My Garden and the Cricut Design Studio.... not bad I think!
I gave the card to my mother to give to someone else (I think she kept it though)

"My name is Lois and I will be hosting our first challenge. I'm going to start it off easy! Since we are fast approaching May I have been thinking of some of the fun things we did as kids for May Day (May 1st). We used to take little basket and bouquets of flowers to all the elderly women in our neighborhood. Before we left we always decorated our hair with flowers and dressed up in fancy little dresses. Without fail we would end up having tea at one of the ladies houses. I often wondered if they took turns hosting us. They were so sweet & it was so much fun!

So Challenge #1: Make a card that represents May Day or something very springy. This card is due, of course, May 1st."
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