28 December 2009

I'm a great aunt again

(for the 10th time)

I think her name is Tegan Monica since my sister has that written on the pic. :)

#11 is due anytime I hear.

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Too much snow...

My car is buried,
my duck and geese are dragging their bellies

and my stumpy legged dogs don't like it!

14 December 2009

Happy it's snowing!

He seems to be happy that it's snowing.. I on the other hand am not! LOL
I woke this morning to about 4" of that cold white fluffy junk!

06 December 2009

The End of DSS Round 3 2009

I finally have my reveal package!
My secret Big Sister was Catt871! I knew it! It took a lot of snooping but I figured it out!

Just look at all the stuff she sent me! WOW! (there was a bottle of Stickles too, I didn't see it roll away before I took the pic! oops!

Chris sent me many technique tutorials throughout the 3 months! Awesome ides!!

Thank you so much!!! Now I am off to go play with my new Tilda! Ice/Ballet Princess..she is my very first one!!

01 December 2009

Cool idea

My mother adn Raye Lynn have this bakers rack and on the back they put peg board up. The attached little baskets for organizing things.. so I CASE'd it! have zippy tied little baskets to it and have my Stickles, Alcohol Inks, Glimmer Mist Bottles and the Reinkers each have their own basket per family!

There's even room for 4 more baskets!

Getting a jump start!

I have joined a group on SCS .. Join the 2010 Christmas Card Challenge!!!

Wonder if these can count....

10 very simple cards.. I added some dew drops, a button, funky fibers, stickles or even some ribbon.

I made them yesterday thinking I was short for 2009... only to go look for a B'day car and find a box with about 30 cards I had done back in June-July for Christmas!

Now I not only made 10 real fast & simple cards for nothing.. I have 40+ extra Christmas Cards.

My neighbor says she'll love to take some off my hands! LOL

This group of 10 is now in a baggie, waiting to be put away with the Christmas Decorations for next year.

Someone please remind me I did that! LOL

Too Cute!

Raye Lynn bought me this Dress It Up button set

I had to make it into another Easel Card so he could stand up!

21 November 2009

What a week!

Well Monday Clint was gonna switch my computer tower out with a new one (my front USB's had quit) Well We couldn't get the hard drive out... so forget that idea! I have no desire to reinstall any programs right now.
Plug everything back in and now MY computer days I have no OP System! Are you kidding me? I figure okay we must have not gotten it plugged back in ... 2 hours of frustration later I settle for the new comp. and a blank HD... no CRICUT, no MS Office, no photo editing.. none of my fun stuff.
So I figure okay, I'll just go play a game on Face Book.. gotta install java and a Flash.. blah blah blah.
ERROR Download can not complete! OMG are you kidding me?
Give up and just get inky!
Then I decide I'm gonna play with the pups instead..... I was chasing them, then I'd turn and run and they'd chase me.... Well somehow Joker kinda startled my dumb butt, and I spun around to run and fell.. face first!
Okay.. I am a dork ya know!
Well I'm not hurt, but I pulled a few things! LOL It really was quite funny!
We resolved to go lay on the bed and just watch tv.. an hour later I got up and things really hurt. All I thought was 'ya dummy!' Guess I am getting too old for horse play! LOL

Next morning I am nauseous, headache and dizzy. Oh oh I have to drive 70 miles to work.
I didn't even make it out the road here. I couldn't turn my head to look for a train! DAMN!
At his time I didn't think of the dumb fall.. I thought flu!

By noon I was really sick, barely see straight, my arms were killing me so bad I couldn't lift them.
Pains in my arm pits (of all wierd places) straight through to the other. My neck, up to my jaw and into the ears! OMG!
At 6 pm I was taken to the ER.... blood drawn, this and the other thing... 2 1/2 hours later the doc has the nerve to tell me its a migraine! I explained I'd suffered Migraines since I was 13 and I know the difference, well she says.. this must just be effecting you differently. And this woman keeps calling me sweetie and kiddo! WHAT!?!?!
Go home and rest.. I wanted to choke her but I was too miserable to even do that!
Wednesday, I can't move anything without crying in pain! The upset stomach was getting old too!
I called the Chiropractor ... humm sounds like you may have whip lash! Ahhh how's that work?
Well 9 am I go see him and get twisted and stretched.. wanting to die! Got sick, got stretch and twisted some more.
Laid on the couch for another 3 hours afraid to move till Clint need help with the cow. Walked around outside for a bit and kinda felt better.
By supper time I felt a lot better.. not great or even normal but definitely better.
Here it is Saturday, still dizzy and a bit nauseated, but a far cry from how I felt Wednesday!

15 November 2009

Friday the 13th! UFF DA

Friday my boss had his shoulder surgery. I opened the store up like I normally would.. only to find major computer issues. It took 4 hours just to get some things back on track.
None of the computers would acknowledge that it was Friday the dates were constantly going backwards!
Closing went smooth, tills were on and no major concerns for the day.
I opened Saturday morning only to find that one of the computers hd crashed! GRRRRRRRRRRRR
Total loss! I called in someone to hopefully recover some data. He isn't holding out any hope!
My boss's surgery had complications and he was kept overnight.
I do not think he really understood what I was saying about the comp. :(
then I come home Saturday night.... I get here to find we are out of milk and bread so I changed so we could run to town
Go back out and find my shifting cable has broke.
Then my new phone came so I activated it only to make it not work, not only that my old one don't work either!
I spent an hour on Clint's phone with Verizon. Glad he was confused too! :)
I did stamp 30 Christmas images to color though.
Think I will go color them and watch The Wizard of Oz!

10 November 2009

The Corrosive Challenge

I found another place to get sketches..


A card for the guys

I spent many hours in the SCS gallery searching for ideas for Yukon and Wildlife Reserve.
I found some really cool ones, I still don't think I will color these animals. Just no good at that!

Cuttle Bug Set

My mom and Raye went shopping for new toys... Raye got the CB set "Build A Flower"
I got to take it home to play with

Tiles for Creep

I went with Mike (Creep) to his Home Depot Project on Saturday and they made a hot plate. Well it says you can put a 4 x 4 tile in the center instead of this wood thing they provide. So I copied Dork Beth on her Coaster Tiles and did these. Only to find out they aren't a true 4 x 4 tile. grrr!

08 November 2009

Gift Card Box

Laurie made me do it!

I mentioned I was bored and un-inspired! She says.. make a blue and silver card using the snowflake spot set she borrowed me.
A link to the pattern is in my SCS Gallery. A link is also there for the card I CASE'd this one from!

03 November 2009

Happy --------th B'day Raye!

I know it's not her fave colors (not even close)

She insisted that I make a Wiper Card for the SCS Challenge

She has been bugging me about forgetting to show it to her.... Now she can have it!

Happy 18th Brandon!

My great nephew is celebrating his 18th b'day this month

(Uff Da that made me feel really old to say)

20 October 2009

I made another one!

I don't like the square cards (extra 20cents postage ya know) so I tweaked the Monday Technique into a stand A2 card.

Base is 11" x 4.25", scored at 5.5" and 2.75"
Front Panel is 4.25" x 5.5" (decorate as your heart desires)
the piece on the base is 4.25" x 2.75" but you should decide how much you want yours to stand up first.
The Brad is right on the edge of that piece.

I used Black embossing for the rose, then floor was with Pearl Ex to color.
I made this for my mother to use as a b'day card, she decided she didn't need one.

So I mailed it off to one of the RAC-SAC ladies. Hope she likes it

I also lined the inside with white paper for writing on since I used dark for the base

14 October 2009

An Angel For A Friend

Made for Monday's Technique Challenge.. and Easel Card

Base is 11" x 4.25", scored at 5.5" and 2.75"
Front Panel is 4.25" x 5.5" (decorate as your heart desires)
the piece on the base is 4.25" x 2.75" but you should decide how much you want yours to stand up first.
The Brad is right on the edge of that piece.

I welded another card

I did this one for my DSS.

03 October 2009

Just tilt you head

I didn't realize my pics were on their sides. SORRY!
here, just do this and you can see them

Look what I got!

Raye Lynn and my mom were at Micheal's and look what they bought me...

Just brads, that's all I have in it. I need another one... (hint hint mom!)

01 October 2009


And he says he dislikes cats... ahhh ha!

I kinda think Louie was dumped off out here. He is very friendly, is okay with the dogs... and uses the litter box!
Yestderay he would go to the door with the dogs to go out... go potty and run back.
Today it is raining and he likes the litter box. LOL
Just hoping to dogs don't start trying to use it too!

30 September 2009

Coffin of candy

My sister, Raye, and my mother are making these.. 40 some to be more precise.

Cute as can be, but I'd never have gotten myself into making that many! They cut them all out one by one and by hand.

Guess I've become spoiled having a Cricut! LOL

29 September 2009

Happy Mail and a kitty!

In 2006 I had to give up my cats because Clint's dog hated him (BW was an instigator in it all) He thought he was tougher than a Rottweiler! Yeah right!!
Midnight just wanted to be wherever I was and he was fearless of both Rots, so my son Joe gave him to a friend, BW went to live with Carrie and Andy in MO.
Clint said when Baby passes away I can get a cat again.
She has been gone a month now.
Tonight I come home to a little black kitten sitting in my yard crying.
I live 3 miles from a tar road on 15 acres in the woods. Kittens don't just wander in. He's so cuddly, doesn't mind the dogs. He came in had some food and a drink and Clint made me put him back outside.
He says if he's still here in the morning you can keep him. :)

If he's here in the morning I will get his pic.
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