28 December 2009

I'm a great aunt again

(for the 10th time)

I think her name is Tegan Monica since my sister has that written on the pic. :)

#11 is due anytime I hear.

25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Too much snow...

My car is buried,
my duck and geese are dragging their bellies

and my stumpy legged dogs don't like it!

14 December 2009

Happy it's snowing!

He seems to be happy that it's snowing.. I on the other hand am not! LOL
I woke this morning to about 4" of that cold white fluffy junk!

06 December 2009

The End of DSS Round 3 2009

I finally have my reveal package!
My secret Big Sister was Catt871! I knew it! It took a lot of snooping but I figured it out!

Just look at all the stuff she sent me! WOW! (there was a bottle of Stickles too, I didn't see it roll away before I took the pic! oops!

Chris sent me many technique tutorials throughout the 3 months! Awesome ides!!

Thank you so much!!! Now I am off to go play with my new Tilda! Ice/Ballet Princess..she is my very first one!!

01 December 2009

Cool idea

My mother adn Raye Lynn have this bakers rack and on the back they put peg board up. The attached little baskets for organizing things.. so I CASE'd it! have zippy tied little baskets to it and have my Stickles, Alcohol Inks, Glimmer Mist Bottles and the Reinkers each have their own basket per family!

There's even room for 4 more baskets!

Getting a jump start!

I have joined a group on SCS .. Join the 2010 Christmas Card Challenge!!!

Wonder if these can count....

10 very simple cards.. I added some dew drops, a button, funky fibers, stickles or even some ribbon.

I made them yesterday thinking I was short for 2009... only to go look for a B'day car and find a box with about 30 cards I had done back in June-July for Christmas!

Now I not only made 10 real fast & simple cards for nothing.. I have 40+ extra Christmas Cards.

My neighbor says she'll love to take some off my hands! LOL

This group of 10 is now in a baggie, waiting to be put away with the Christmas Decorations for next year.

Someone please remind me I did that! LOL

Too Cute!

Raye Lynn bought me this Dress It Up button set

I had to make it into another Easel Card so he could stand up!
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