19 July 2011

Hey there!

Didn't realize just how behind I am in updating this blog.

This Summer heat has my brains all mushy! LOL

Now for some odd reason I can not get pics to upload to my Blog.... well they are in my Splitcoast gallery
link is on the right.

Or you can go check them out here...

Clint got a puppy last week, her name is Missy
she is part Cocker Spaniel Shih Tzu and Poodle

She can walk under Joker.. that's hilarious! She is terrified of Wilbur and Tommy the big cat is scared of her.
Missy whines when Tommy moves and we're thinking that's what bothers him.
We have no idea how old Tommy is, he just showed up here one day. She chases after Zeus the got, but if he stops she runs and hides under the car.

I had such great intentions of getting pics on here today..  I do have another Shutterfly share site with pics... there is a link on the left, when you go look at the card site. It is called Just Vikki's

I Love SHutterfly, I have no limit on the number of pics I can upload.
I have to go figure out what happened to Picaso next. :(
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