13 November 2017

Mural from hotel

This mural was nailed to the wall in the basement of the hotel in Hinckley, MN. 
Many years ago it was a part of (connected by an under ground tunnel) Cassidy's Restaurant. 

This canvas is 4 feet tall, and over 20 feet long. 
I have no use for it and want to sell it.
If I am unable to sell it, I think I will cut out certain areas and mount them for myself.

 Can you see the deer on the left? One is near the waters edge.

This painting represents either the St Croix River or Grindstone.
 I can't find an island on the Grindstone though

Here's a close up of the Indian village and deer.

Painted by J. Ahibom in 1965
I can not find anything on this person.

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