19 October 2019

She shed

The building is here. May 2017.
Now to get ALL of my craft room in my side.

I like this flooring. The corner cabinet was Lisa's, but shedoesn't have room for it. Mine now! 

Putting cedar up on the walls. Those boards were on the vehemen basement of the hotel in Hinckley.

Score! I found these white units at a good will for $14 each. Well half were priced $12. They had 4 of them out. So I asked about the pricing and while I was waiting dor the lady to come over I spotted a gurney with 4 more. So I told her I'd take all 8. She did $13 but no discount. It was a discount day. Ok.
I get the register and a man come over to open another lane. He rang me up $8.
Ummm no.
So he cleared it and started over. I told him its $13 x 8 no discount. 
He did it again and it was over $300.
Umm no.
So start over again. This time he did 8 @ $13 minus the 50% off. 
He said he's the manager and for my time in getting the discount.
The lady tried to argue when I drove around back. I told her who rang me up and what be said. 
She was a bit upset but said well Merry Christmas to you! 
Originally those cost $45+ each.

Still need to move Nykki and her kitties out.

That glass desk and entertainment center need new homes.

This hutch is staying for now.

Crazy chicken! They keep sneaking in and hiding under chairs.

This is the table I cut my fingers on.
I was scrubbing it up and the brass trim, that shouldn't move, moved!
I cut 2 fingers. One to the bone and my index all the way around.

The wall to divide my side from what was gonna be Jake's side. 

The all new floor!

Big Boy visiting

I want something like this built up to the loft.

I keep thinking this would be cool.

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