29 August 2009

I am gonna miss her!

Baby had to be put down on August 23rd.

This was probably the hardest thing Clint has ever done.

No idea what it was about one ear up, but I always knew if she was in a good mood. Even when she'd "protect" me, she'd have an ear while biting Clint! LOL
She was his dog for many years before I came around, and she decided I belonged to her. My Beagle (Joker) also belonged to her.
We were so worried about how she would act with him, but to her .. he was HER PUPPY.
He even thinks he's as big and tough as she was. He did get pretty strong from playing with her. S'pecially tug o war over his blanket.

09 August 2009

Blog Awrd for 12 friends

Get more friends, get more page views, pass hm on to 12 friends!

Lois, Laurie (when she gets a blog), The Dandy Patch, Crystal, Judy, Toni, Linda B, Linda R., Jaime and Holly

05 August 2009

Sketch Challenge

I am actually home on a Wednesday so i decided to do the challenge!

You can not tell but the flower center is made with flocking
I am going to mail this to Laurie!

04 August 2009

In My Garden Tonight

A gardener Snake (who wouldn't sit still for his pic and I let him go too soon) and a tiny Copper Belly Snake, (he was less than 12" long) A little Salamander, Several Toads, (Colleen is holding 1) A bee that stayed still for a second.
That was probably the coolest pic I have ever taken.

My Sunflowers

they think they are related to the

This stem lays on the ground then goes up
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