05 July 2009

Accident prone me...

On Thursday after work Clint calls and tells me to stop and get something to bathe the dogs... they have been sprayed!

Well I stopped and picked up Skunk Odor Dog Shampoo, so when I got home I gave them both a bath! OMG did they stink!!

Well I was cleaning out my tub and wiping up the floor and I did the splits on the wet linoleum floor. Despite the pain in the legs I did something to my ankle.

Babied it all night then in the morning we went berry pickin', I was fine sitting on my knees.. then I got up! WOW! that hurt! But we got 2 huge buckets full of Strawberries for Jelly!

From there we went over to Colleens... she's s'posed to be packing to move back to McGrath. The wedding is Saturday too. I think I made her step son to be and his buddy scared of me! I put on my drill sergeant hat and got everyone busy! We got one room all packed up!

My ankle hates me though! When I got home and looked t it, its really fat and bruised. So I iced and wrapped it up.

Yesterday I wanted to work on cards, but my table is in front of the window and it faces west.. the sun was just right and killing me! So I talked Clint into rearranging my room. the desk is now on the East wall with no window, so I have choices of which side to sit on! YAY!

Oh, I had company in the view last night... I took a Birch stump and mad eit into a table for a small bird feeder and I have enjoyed a Blue Jay each night at about 7 pm... well I now had a Raccoon destroy the feeder to empty it! Jerk!

Now here it is Sunday and its still giving me grief!

But I am going to meet Peggy Sue today so its just gonna have to get over it!

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