09 August 2009

Blog Awrd for 12 friends

Get more friends, get more page views, pass hm on to 12 friends!

Lois, Laurie (when she gets a blog), The Dandy Patch, Crystal, Judy, Toni, Linda B, Linda R., Jaime and Holly


  1. Oops, I guess I miss read. It is a snake and you are holding it by it's tail, you are one brave woman!

  2. Okay I don't get the snake reference. I am a Dork you know (who by the way is tedybearless. hint hint. Just kidding.)

    Have I told you lately how I love to hear you tell about your days. You are a great story tellyer. Always keep my interest!!

  3. Ooops I guess my other comment got lost in cyber, or dare i say I said something off color. Whaaaaa!!

    Still curious about the snaks!!


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