05 April 2010

Aiden vs the Ice Cream Cone

We went for Brunch with Joe, Aimee and Aiden today at the Casino.
Aiden had an ice cream cone and he licked every bit of ice cream he could off it and out. When I told him he could 'eat' the cone too, he said "no way!"
Joe even tried to convince him that part was okay to eat.

It was so funny watching him try to get all of the ice cream out of the cone.
It was fun to listen to him decide what he wanted to eat, and his expressions when he didn't like something.
Raye Lynn sent a bunch of toys up for him.... including a sand box. I am s'posed to hurry up and fill it.
Thanks Raye! LOL
He went nuts for the Jack in the box and some toy with shapes, and balls with numbers and colors, and rods you slide them on to get them to the other side. It's a bizarre toy, but he thought that was the best! It's a type of Hand Eye Coordination thing called a Roller Coaster. ODD but colorful!

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