18 May 2010

We've settled on a date...

Well the date is set, the place is picked and the plans are moving right along.
 August 21st

Judy and Leon are hosting the whole thing at their place. They have such a nice yard surrounded by pine trees.

I have his Grama  Grace's ring, but we are getting tattoos once I get them designed, mine will have to work around grama's ring.

It will be very csual, country setting, almost picnic like. The colors are Blue and White, we will have Red and White checkered table clothes, old Blue Mason jars for vases, White Daisies with Yellow centers.

He wants his Maternal Grandparents as our wittness'.. he talks to them Thursday.

I found a wicker picnic basket and decorated it to match the invites.

I am not too fond of this picture, but the other I have with our eyes open, we are standing next to each other. I am 5' 5" and he is 6' 5" so.. yeah I come up to his belly button! LOL

1 comment:

  1. But it is such a cute picture!!
    Again, congrats on the engagement!


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