25 October 2010

VSBN October 2010

Second Challenge was by LMN...

First, I want you to think of an everyday moment in your life that shoots you over the moon and on to Cloud 9... something that wouldn't be as obvious to everyone as, say your wonderful wedding day--something that needs a little explaining... a precious story that lies behind a photo you have in your stash.

Since we are thinking over things that fill our hearts with joy and LOVE, I want you to use either the color red or pink on your page in some way. This could range from the dramatic choice of a beautiful background paper or just the tiniest pop of color in a flower or heart you add to your page as a final touch.

And while we're at it, let's just go ahead and say that you should also include a heart somewhere on your layout... maybe a sticker, maybe a doodle included in your journaling or in your title.

Good things come in packages of threes! I want you to also use three different fonts, stickers/alphas (or three different types of handwriting) on your page to create your title.

One last thing to incorporate into your design: I want you to use a circle shape in some way on your layout. You could do this with something as simple as a button, a circle piece of paper or photo, or something more obvious, like a moon sticker--whatever works best with the mood and theme of your layout.

I can be in the crabbiest of moods, go outside and see any of my flowers and I feel better, but my roses this year... they have been been amazing. It has dropped down in the low 30's this month during the nights, and here this thing is budding new roses!

I cut them off and put them in water inside and they actually opened up! Then I got 3 more buds!

Basic Black for the base, Real Red heart, with "Our Roses" cut out of it using the Cricut
Handsome Hunter for 2010 cut with the Cricut
I used a Marvy Corner Punch with a heart on it using Handsome Hunter
The White Nestie in the corner is from my friend Holly! Thank you!! BTW That's my circle, not a real circle, but in my mind it works!

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