11 December 2010

Christmas Card Challenge 2011

WHO: Everyone that needs cards for the Holidays;

WHAT: Complete 10 Christmas/Hanukkah cards each month (January through November) You can set your monthly goal for however many you’ll need. There is no score keeping here!

WHY: To relieve stress! This way you’ll have plenty of cards to send out for the holidays!! We all know how busy December can be, so why not try to get your holiday cards all done by the end of November! Remember, the whole idea behind this challenge is to make your life easier.

WHERE: First upload to your gallery then post a link in the designated thread*. Please use CCC11 in the Title or Keyword so that others can search for your cards! *Please use only the thread that I start for each month or you might be missed.

WHEN: The whole month! There is no 'deadline' for getting your monthly cards done. However...as an incentive, there will be a small monthly prize. At the end of each month, everyone who has completed their cards for that particular month will have their name put into a drawing for a small incentive prize.

HOW: Just post a reply to this thread saying that you want to join and then start creating! Make your cards any way you like - make them all the same or mix them up. Any tools, toys, gadgets, embellishments, etc...you decide- after all, these are YOUR cards.

You can join anytime during the year. . If you need to skip a month or two, that is perfectly fine. 

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