08 February 2011

I've been cleaning

 This is my table for stamping on.. and for oh I'd say the last month.. un-seeable! I have been working on Christmas cards for my challenge and any thing I have the is Christmas related has been laying there!
 Well last night iwas trying to pick things up because Wilbur cleared half the table.
So I decided to put things away a bit!
 Not sure how long you'll be able to see any of it! LOL

 This table Clint picked up at Pamida on clearance.. works great for taking pics of scrap pages!
My plan was to have it in the living room, then I thought about in the bedroom so I could color in bed.. now here it sits in my room! LOL
Maybe I need 2 more... hint hint!

Now you see where all the Christmas things went! LOL I tied a basket to the side of my new Breakfast Bar, It has a towel holder on each end. I am going to pick up some S hooks so I can have removeable baskets hagning there.
I may even put a piece of peg board on one end.
there are 2 tiny drawers in the front.. no clue what I will use those for yet.
I am normally a standing scrapper so this is perfect!

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