05 June 2011

The Robin's

There are 4 little ones in the nest, all naked! Probably a good thing in this heat!
Not easy to see, but dad was right above my head in the tree. Boy is he loud when he yells at me! LOL

I go peak each day that I am home, I know they will be gone soon.
I'm hoping all 4 survive this year. Last 1 died when a storm knocked over the chelf the nest was on.
They keep building their nests where I store my flower pots. This year they put the nest right inside of my sprinkler!

I have an old (very old) swing set with no swings that I hang hoses and pots, ther eis a ladder ties across it theat I keep shoels and rakes on.

The guys were gonna build me a shed, but there are other things needed more.

Clint's dad has been cutting Poplar and Ash trees  to make more room for the Oaks and Maples. Birch are very scarce around here so I protect them! LOL We do live on Birch Bark Road! Anyhow.. a bit off track there! LOL
I had tied some trees that could be cut, and the Robins fly at Clint and Dave when they walk over there, I think those trees will stay for a bit longer. At least Papa Robin has chosen an oak

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