15 June 2013

Tommy must have had a really rough night!

Now this may sound mean, but it was so funny..... He was sleeping, dreaming and talking in his sleep. He'd make a noise, then his mouth would jiggle. His legs would twitch like he was running. I giggled so hard i thought for sure he'd wake up.

I was sitting here typing up a letter, and watching him for over an hour!

Here's where I amused myself...you can somewhat see my cup of water on the left there, well I took the straw out and put a drip of water in his mouth, he sucked it up, then it was like he was looking for more so I did it again. Maybe a dozen times before I gave up, he never woke up.

I touched the hairs on the bottom of his paws, made he jerk, but not wake up! I even tickled his hairs around his lips. I flipped the page of what I was retyping and he about jumped out of his fur! Scared the stuffing out of me!

WOW! the look he gave me!! He just turned around the other way and went back to sleep.

 He needed this hard nap, he came home yesterday and beat up, then a few hours later Wilbur came in, yep they had been fighting again! Dumb cats, they look like train wrecks!

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