14 April 2016

Just for something to do

I rearranged again.

Well a few changes in my room this year...first we tore out the carpet.

Last Fall a friend living in town called and said someone had dumped off a pregnant cat at her place. she was feeding her, but neighbors hate cats so much she worried about her.
Well she had the babies...
We made a plan to capture her and the babies and let them live in our shed.
I have 15 acres 3 miles from town, I don't have 'neighbors' to worry about.
When we started noticing the babies eating from the dish with momma we put the plan in motion.
Well I am only home Saturday night till Tuesday morning.
We made our plan to do this on Saturday night. momma got killed by a neighbor on Thursday. OMG I hate people!

She was such a sweet heart too, very friendly. Very petite little girl too. Calico. Well there is now 4 little orphans that a so feral I didn't think this was going to work.
We caught one, a little tiger striped guy, but he went nuts! We finally caught another one, he was half the size, white with blue eyes. When we put him in the kennel Stripes got out. UGH
It was getting pretty dark so we put out some food and called it quits. i said we get all 4 or none so we let the white one go.

It took us 3 weeks to finally catch them we ended up doing 2 one weekend then the other 2 had gone missing until another week later.

They were under 1 pound each... and covered in fleas. Being less then 12 weeks treating was not easy.

Anyhow,,,, we lost one. The plan to put them in the shed wasn't going to work with them being so so and orphans. Thought we'd find homes or even maybe a shelter. Well, Clint got too attached and he says he doesn't like cats HA

Gizmo, the tiny white one is his baby. Litterally. He sleeps under the covers snuggled up almost under him! He was so sick,  we weren't sure he;d make it. DOing great now.

Missy is pure black with gold eyes, she's so pretty! Not to sure about people. I can capture her and pet her head to toe a few times, then she'll calm down and let me pet her. She won't come to you to be petted though.

Strip got a new name...he is now Trouble. He is twice the size of the other 2.

They all play outside.

this is Gizmo sleeping between my knees  I had  a pillow on my lap, he was under it. That's how close he thinks he MUST be to us.  He refused to look at me let alone wake up.

I got these guys to look at me and I am very happy looks can't kill! They weren't happy about getting woke up for a picture ha ha

So back to tearing up my carpet. To keep these little tings safe, we kept them in my craft room  Where I keep my plants during the winter. They got so bored one day they destroyed my room..
SO I decided I wanted tile in there instead.

So we put down a pretty blue tile Then I decided my feet got too chilly while making cards so i put a piece of simple flat carpet in the center.

Then my mom gave me a tapestry rug so i put it on top of that . Just because I have no where to put it. haha

I left the one side of the room tile exposed where my plants are.

I got the cabinet on the left at a yard sale. It's  a gun cabinet the lady lost the keys for it. So I put shelves inside and it is now a stamp cabinet.

I put shelves up floor to ceiling, but removed  the bottom ones to put those plastic drawer things there.

My room changes a lot, if something doesn't seem convenient I change it! I keep my card stock and Big Shot on  the other side of the room so I'm not just sitting on my butt in there

Thanks for stopping by.....a whole story later ! haha

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