27 April 2009

Ahh man!

I am not feeling very creative!
I have not figured out all my classes for May yet... in my head YES, in actual projects.. Not a chance! LOL
When my son moved out last year after graduation, I took over his room as my craft room. Before that I was sharing our bedroom. Taking out what I wanted to use, working in the dining room then putting it all back before bed.
Then, my mother gave me a corner style sewing cabinet, I don't sew - but hey! So while it stayed in my trunk, I deliberated over how I'd get that into my little 10' x 8' room.
Crystal and Julie were over for the weekend.. and one of them said.. too bad you couldn't switch with the bedroom. hummmmmmmm now that's a thought!
So I measured everything.. bed, dresser, armour, space needed to open doors and drawers, how much room beside the bed for making it... etc
Well Yeah, lets do this!
I called Clint and asked if he'd care. As I figured, as long as he had a bed at night he didn't care which room it was in!
So first thing was to empty the little room, bed had to have its home right away! LOL
We had an incident with Stretch wrap and the armour and my face.. but that's a dork confession for later!
We started this at about 6pm I think and by 10 pm (I was dragging butt) we were done enough to stop for the night.
Here's the little room.. I kinda miss it!

Now here's the new one 14' x 15' I think its too much space for my mind to work! LOL

Then 2 weeks after we got it all arranged.. we packed it all up so we could paint!

I do have a point here..
Last year I cleaned what was my "view" We have 15 acres in the woods, so I cleared some brush and dead stuff from what I could see right outside my craft room window.
Well I switched rooms and now have a different view.
I spent a very small amount of time outside (between reorganizing and the rain) cleaning the new view.
There happens to be an old brush pile from from the old owners where thay had thrown the scraps from cutting wood to heat with. Well it is right dead center in my view!
We started to burn it and it did burn.. the very center and part of the back.. none of which I can see while I sit here. Go figure!


  1. Well, if you can look at the burn pile in the winter, then maybe you'll feel warmer while you stamp? :) Glad you have some new space, that's always fun. And you make such beautiful things in the space you have.

  2. I'm absolutely cracking up!! That is such a Dork thing to happen. Only to use Dorks!!! How funny. Might I suggest to get your view, buy aposter and put it in the window. Would be a whole lot less work. By the way, love the room!!


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