15 November 2009

Friday the 13th! UFF DA

Friday my boss had his shoulder surgery. I opened the store up like I normally would.. only to find major computer issues. It took 4 hours just to get some things back on track.
None of the computers would acknowledge that it was Friday the dates were constantly going backwards!
Closing went smooth, tills were on and no major concerns for the day.
I opened Saturday morning only to find that one of the computers hd crashed! GRRRRRRRRRRRR
Total loss! I called in someone to hopefully recover some data. He isn't holding out any hope!
My boss's surgery had complications and he was kept overnight.
I do not think he really understood what I was saying about the comp. :(
then I come home Saturday night.... I get here to find we are out of milk and bread so I changed so we could run to town
Go back out and find my shifting cable has broke.
Then my new phone came so I activated it only to make it not work, not only that my old one don't work either!
I spent an hour on Clint's phone with Verizon. Glad he was confused too! :)
I did stamp 30 Christmas images to color though.
Think I will go color them and watch The Wizard of Oz!

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