21 November 2009

What a week!

Well Monday Clint was gonna switch my computer tower out with a new one (my front USB's had quit) Well We couldn't get the hard drive out... so forget that idea! I have no desire to reinstall any programs right now.
Plug everything back in and now MY computer days I have no OP System! Are you kidding me? I figure okay we must have not gotten it plugged back in ... 2 hours of frustration later I settle for the new comp. and a blank HD... no CRICUT, no MS Office, no photo editing.. none of my fun stuff.
So I figure okay, I'll just go play a game on Face Book.. gotta install java and a Flash.. blah blah blah.
ERROR Download can not complete! OMG are you kidding me?
Give up and just get inky!
Then I decide I'm gonna play with the pups instead..... I was chasing them, then I'd turn and run and they'd chase me.... Well somehow Joker kinda startled my dumb butt, and I spun around to run and fell.. face first!
Okay.. I am a dork ya know!
Well I'm not hurt, but I pulled a few things! LOL It really was quite funny!
We resolved to go lay on the bed and just watch tv.. an hour later I got up and things really hurt. All I thought was 'ya dummy!' Guess I am getting too old for horse play! LOL

Next morning I am nauseous, headache and dizzy. Oh oh I have to drive 70 miles to work.
I didn't even make it out the road here. I couldn't turn my head to look for a train! DAMN!
At his time I didn't think of the dumb fall.. I thought flu!

By noon I was really sick, barely see straight, my arms were killing me so bad I couldn't lift them.
Pains in my arm pits (of all wierd places) straight through to the other. My neck, up to my jaw and into the ears! OMG!
At 6 pm I was taken to the ER.... blood drawn, this and the other thing... 2 1/2 hours later the doc has the nerve to tell me its a migraine! I explained I'd suffered Migraines since I was 13 and I know the difference, well she says.. this must just be effecting you differently. And this woman keeps calling me sweetie and kiddo! WHAT!?!?!
Go home and rest.. I wanted to choke her but I was too miserable to even do that!
Wednesday, I can't move anything without crying in pain! The upset stomach was getting old too!
I called the Chiropractor ... humm sounds like you may have whip lash! Ahhh how's that work?
Well 9 am I go see him and get twisted and stretched.. wanting to die! Got sick, got stretch and twisted some more.
Laid on the couch for another 3 hours afraid to move till Clint need help with the cow. Walked around outside for a bit and kinda felt better.
By supper time I felt a lot better.. not great or even normal but definitely better.
Here it is Saturday, still dizzy and a bit nauseated, but a far cry from how I felt Wednesday!

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  1. Vikki, that's awful! Hope you are starting to feel better now.


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