20 January 2010

Samples for Brandy

I need opinions...

Doris (Brandy's grama) likes the Cris Cross Pocket and The Tooth Pick Flap

Clint likes the French Doors and the Tooth Pick Flap

Brandy won't see them until after school or possibly Sunday

I used Elegant Eggplant and Basic Black (the white is a 32# Laser Paper)


  1. Oh, Vikki! They are all lovely. How can I pick just one! I will be anxious to hear what Brandy says. They are all so neat and unique! Great job!!!!! Goodness!

  2. VJ, I like the criss/cross pocket card the best, and as a matter of fact, I really like it! The others are very nice, too and so creative! Let us know which one she goes with...


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