03 January 2010

Well now it's January, the coldest month of the year here in Minnesota.
It's only -18 this morning.

My water froze last week, the outlet the heat tape was plugged into burned out so the tape wasn't doing it's job.
Replaced the outlet, to find one of the 20' sections of heat tape no longer worked.
Replaced the heat tape, to find the section of water line was shot!

Got that replaced, heat tape up and running... YAY! I had water.. long enough to do a load of laundry and run the dish washer... and even get in a shower!

Woke this morning to frozen water all over again!

I am thinking a move to a warmer state is in order.. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!

Everything else is well, Clint and I are healthy, the dogs are still best friends with the cat, Louie has it all figured out.. he rules over the dogs. In fact Montana is terrified of him! The night time potty break has become a 'joy' where Louie is concerned. I let them out and Montana the freeze puppy is back within seconds. Joker and Louie thinks it's play time, but Joker comes in a half hour later.... no Louie. At 10 Clint checks to see if he's ready yet.. nope.
He got left out all night 2 nights in a row. Now he comes back in with Montana! In fact he will rush the door knocking Montana over to make sure he gets in! I think Joker needs to do a whole property check before he will come in. He won't ever get left out.. that brat can open the door himself from out side.

The geese and duck had issues with the snow, but after Jay plowed us out they claimed a part of the driveway. Much more snow and Carmel and Salisbury can walk right over the fence. Actually I think Salisbury could now, but he's buddies with Carmel and won't leave him.

Molly and Havana are okay, they come out long enough to eat and go right back in their hutches. Molly doesn't like straw in there, but this year she is leaving it (so far), Havana has a cave in her place. This is her 6th winter, I worry everytime I go out that she won't be okay anymore. I've never had a bunny live this long.

Next Summer I am going to redo how this house is skirted. Since it looks like I'd been drinking when I put this stuff up anyhow, it needs straightening and a bit of modifying!

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