13 March 2010

My birthday!

Well let me tell you what happened on Thursday at work.

We are in a strip mall and at the end is a sports bar and restaurant.
Well the owner, Dave came in at 9 with a box for me to ship and he left it with me to deal with.
I felt the price was a bit high so I walked down to confirm he was okay with it.
I also asked, "so you give free b'day drinks?"
He replies "for you?
"Grab a glass fill it with ice and top it off with a splash of water!"
Brat! LOL
Well a bit later his wife comes in to send a fax and I tell her he's a meanie!
We laugh and I tell her why.
About 11 one of the cooks opens the door for Dave to bring a a huge box on the dolly. I am busy with someone else and he asked for my boss Dick anyhow.
Well then in comes Dave's wife and another one of the cooks, so I am now giving the one cook grief for not making my favorite soup for me. Misty says I need to go help Dave lift this box on the scale, they can't stand around waiting for Dick anymore.

I walk over and the bar tender JUMPS OUT OF THE BOX!
He yells Happy B'day! and hands me a balloon, scared the stuffings right out of Dicks sister who is working with me! LOL

OH man it was so funny! This is the second time they have scared me.

Well Troy, the one in the box, scraped his knee while they were stuffing him in the box, and when he jumped out he head butted Dave (his boss)
So Troy has a boo boo on his knee and Dave has a black eye!

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