27 September 2010

Beagle vs Hen

THis is hilarious!
Our Joker is a 3 year old Beagle... A DOG!

 Our friends Judy and Leon gave Clint this hen a month ago and she rules over all the critters here. Our great hunter cat Louie is even afraid of her! Clint named her Francine

I toss bread and old cereal off the deck for her, the duck and the geese, so now when  i am on the deck she comes running. She has now decided if Joker is off the deck he can stay off!.

He barks at her and she charges at him! He will either walk away after a bit or sit down and whine about it!

Francine has even come up on the deck and either won't let the dogs or cats out, or in if they are out.. Max usually just leaps up onto the railing to avoid her.

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! Guess she thinks she rules the roost, li'l miss rooster-ette!


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