18 January 2011

CCC11 April cards too!

Here's 4 more for my April goal.
I was thinking if I do 6-10 a month I will have more than plenty to share...OWH and my older sister, maybe a nursing home too if I find one that will take them.

I feel just awful I can not remember who i got the images from.
I kept her envelope on my desk, but i did a huge rearrange in here and lots more than just my marbles!

My friend Laurie cut these out for me using her Top Note Die. (I must get one of them)

Colored with Koh-i-nor Pencils and Baby Oil Gel (thank you Chris for that tip!)

1 comment:

  1. Hi VikkiJo, well done on getting ahead! Did the pack of Year in Flowers calendar arrive - I sent it off two weeks ago? I know things are getting stuck with the new security measures. Can you email me as I have "lost" your addy in the mass of updates (embarrassed)- love Chris


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