10 January 2011


He looks so innocent doesn't he? Well let me tell you!
He runs through the house like a mad man (Crazy cat!) He found a cap from a pop bottle and he played with that thing, up and downt he hallway all night long! Wehn we would get up to go take it away.. he would pick it up and run away with it! HE knew!!
He can not just walk past the other crittes, he has to attack them!
Poor Joker can't sleep without Wilbur walking up and biting his feet.. he is such a brat!

You've seen pics of Louie, he's is nearly 2' long his head is the size of a soft ball and he weighs about 20#. Wilbur likes to sneak up behind him and jump on him.. no brains I tell ya! Louie couldn't care less though thankfully!

 Anti Social too! We can not pet him unless it's on his terms. If he walks by and I just reach out and touch him, he makes this odd noise and starts cleaning himself!
But now when he wants attention he is in your face demanding it! This litte guy can purr too! Holy buckets is he loud!
We were laying in bed watching TV and Wilbur was on my pillow purring ... I could feel it!

Last night he wanted attention, so he was in my lap, then all of a sudden he was on my desk.. in my way as you can see. So I set him on the floor.. he came right back up in front of the screen! BRAT!
I was posting on SCS and I had to look around him to find the button.. he was following the mouse!
Oh now I am  laughing so hard at him, this was too much!
I wish I had gotten a picture of him with a mirror I set down at his level Between him and Joker I was in tears!  Wilbur was angry about this other CAT and Joker wanted to play wit the new DOG!

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