29 November 2011

I'm a grama!

 Carrie text me this morning to tell me she was in labor.. 9 am and a month early!
At 10 she text me again to say he really is coming today!

Well he arrived at 2:58 pm
5 lbs 7 oz

Michael Lee Blackmon Jr
For me he is MJ, there are just too many Mike's in my family !LOL
I wanted to call him Baby Bug, but Carrie said No way! LOL
She's been my June Bug since 1997, Baby Bug seems so right though!
Look at those legs!

1 comment:

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely, positivily, supertivily the most adorable baby boy!!

    i think you should call him baby bug anyways, Gramma's priviledges you know! ;)


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