14 November 2011

Dave got a new place

 Trying so hard to get a picture of his face, he has these wild looking eyes!

We cleaned up Moe's old place and moved Dave in, he went from an effiency apartment to a Penthouse Suite! LOL
His original place was  a 5 gallon now he's in a 40 gallon.
Clint was joking that we should find a couple of girls for him and he can keep one up at each end of this village and neither would ever run into each other! Now I know where his mind is! LOL
Dave has made laps from one end to the other since we put him in. He moves pretty fast too!
I need to go get more things for him to climb on I guess, not sure if he will like the vines.. we'll see.


  1. Cute. I've thought about getting one but then think I'd never want to pick it up LOL The cat would love watching them, I'm sure.

  2. WOW! Dave is one happenin crab! he needs some she-crabs to keep him co!


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