26 January 2012

Introductions for Tala

This is our pygmy goat Zeus and our beagle Joker
 Tommy is our big kitty... his head is the size of a soft ball
 Spook is our littlest.... but the biggest trouble maker!
We have 2 crabs.. Dave and Diane, Diane won't let me get her picture
Chloe is a rescue kitty. She is 16 and had to get a new home.
Wilbur is my buddy. He is Spooks older brother. 
Cheyenne is Clint's puppy. She is 9 weeks old. Part Boxer and Lab. Right now Joker is boss, but she's gonna be big and very bossy!
Behind Zeus, that's Tony, Orlando and Dawn. Best watch dogs ever! The Geese Brigade!

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