12 October 2012

YAY and boo who all together!

I have a neighbor.... well kinda, he lives 3 miles away.

He has Alpaca's, Llama's, Goats and then some...well I was able to talk him into taking my outside critter and giving them a better home.

Since I got hurt I can not carry water and I can't do what is needed to care for them over the winter. I just don't see my happy ever returning either..but Larry will give me 2 baby mini goats in the Spring if I am better. If my arm does not improve then this is just a blessing!

Well Tonight he came and got the 2 goats..Sunday he will come get the horse.
He said Zeus seemed like a perfect 4H animal, he's o hand friendly and loves to be brushed so Larry says he knows a girl that will be perfect for him.

Its kinda sad, but I know it is for the best.

now as for my technical issues with that background....it wins!
I am removing it for October. So help me if November looks funny I'm gonna scream! LOL.

Still loving my new signature, I may have to redesign Novembers! LOL

1 comment:

  1. Hi Vic
    I finally got you added to my blog list . where is this stuff that i need a hot drink and sweater for ?

    peace and blessings


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